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Pandora's Box

This program is primarily used for decorating RunUO Shards, though it can do some other functions.

Project Description

Pandora's Box is a tool for Ultima Online Gamemasters, primarily on RunUO-Freeshards. It includes a roof builder, travel manager and a lot of other wizards and functions.

It was developed by Arya who released the sourcecode of Version 2 Beta 5. There were some additional changes made by users at RunUO. This project here is aimed to consolidate the different versions, fix existent bugs or incompatibilities (e.g. with some Vista configurations) and made some extensions. Also it is aimed to refactor the whole sourcecode and advance it to new technologies.

Goals of this Project

  • simple installation and updates with ClickOnce
  • WPF interface to support skins and free resizing
  • Add-In support
  • Multi-Language support with ressource files
  • .NET 3.5 Codebase
  • closer integration with the runuo server
  • support for different spawner systems like ArteGordon's XML-Spawner via Add-In
  • integrated mul viewer similiar to InsideUO to add new statics

Download Pandora's Box

You can download the last official release by Arya, Pandora's Box 2 Beta 5, at - no support is given for this original version! Of course you may ask for help at the RunUO Forums

Pandora's Box 3 will have support for the new Ultima Online expansion, Mondain's Legacy, and will be compiled with 3.5 Net Framework. We also try to improve the code to have better stability and performance.

Note: Pandora's Box can only handle client up to

Update: There is a new updated version - Pandoras Box