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This program is an alternative to UO Fiddler. It’s a bit older and does not read the newest game MUL files. But it still can be a valuable UO tool.

InsideUO provides various data such as maps and Gumps from both The Second Age and Third Dawn. However, it does not provide everything. For example, it does not provide Third Dawn 3D models.

InsideUO is a Windows application that displays the contents of most of the client -side data from Ultima Online. This includes things like maps, artwork, animations, etc. You must have Ultima Online installed for this program to be of use.

InsideUO allows you to view inside the graphic related mul files, so you can look for art tiles not yet used by your server. It helps you get an insight on how animations work, what gumps are there, and last but not least, shows if your patches had done what you thought they should do.

Originally written by Alazane and now only supported by the RunUO community (because it's open source)

Download InsideUO

InsideUO - RunUO Download