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UO Architect

UO Architect lets you create buildings and then import them into the game. You can also export static buildings into a UOA file.

UOAR is the most powerful building management software for Ultima Online ever created. If you are building custom worlds for your Ultima Online shard this software is an invaluable tool.

This tool can create and store custom static houses and buildings, to a database, and you can add any custom decorations with ease. If you build custom scenes, buildings, decorations or other UOAR can extract those into a database to manage your buildings in categories.

Visit the website at UO Architect

UOAR Installation Instructions

UO Architect Installation Instructions

  • Follow the instructions in the readme file 
  • After you get UOAR to compile, simply run your UOAR.exe server. 
  • In the console, you should see “UO Architect Server for RunUO 2.0 is listening on port 2594".
  • Now, go to the UO Architect Client directory and open UO Architect.exe.

Press “Connect” (in the top bar). Press the Add button. Enter in the following: Name: myshard (doesn’t matter)

IP Address:
Port: 2594
User Name: WhateverYourAdminAccountNameIs

  • Press Save
  • Select that Server in the Server Listing box, and type in your password (I would also check Save Pwd so you don’t have to enter the password again--esp. since this is a local test server and there’s no risk involved), and press Connect.
  • Go to the Options tab (on the left-hand side and Uncheck “Auto-detect” (Use registry)
  • Type in the path to your Ultima Online Classic folder

For Example -  C:\UO\Clients\Ultima Online Classic

  • If you don’t do this, then you won’t be able to send commands to your UO client (i.e. you can’t put anything into the game).
  • Open Razor and log in on your admin account (assuming you aren’t already)

???????*You are now ready to use the UOAR tools

UO Architect Download

UO Architect Download