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  • Which UO Client is Best?

    Which UO Client is Best to play Ultima Online Shards?

    Sallos, UO Razor or UO Steam?

    Sallos is actually a client replacement, which means that it has an entirely different interface than the actual UO client has. It's advantages rely on its use of OpenGL to render graphics meaning it will utilize graphic card software better than the classic client and hence have higher resolution graphics and run smoother. It has a unique targeting system that is fine tuned for pvp. It does take some heavy configuration to make it usable and the macros are no more than hotkey actions running in a sequential order (ie like the built in macros of the UO Classic client).

    Razor and UOSteam lay on top of the UO Classic client.

    Razor is the oldest of the two and utilizes a very easy to use - but limited macro system. It does the job though and many people, pvpers, pvmers, and crafters alike still use it for its user friendliness. Don't think you can't make complex macros though, because I have seen many made for this. Also for dexxors, it is faster at some actions, such as changing weapons.

    UOSteam really is like a new and improved version of Razor. It is very similar but also has quite a few features that razor could never hope of having. It has an advanced macro system that, unlike razor, is easy to update macros with, albeit it does take more technical expertise to create macros than on Razor. As said above it has a spell grid that gives one click spells in a n organized format. It also has a map that shows guild members while razor and sallos only show party members. It also tends to run quicker than razor on most machines and rarily crashes (while razor is notorious for it).

    I have used all of these and personally I prefer UOSteam but I think which one to use should be up to preference and not from what other people prefer - so try them all out and make an educated decision.
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