I lost my UO Steam Profile. Why do I keep losing my UO Steam macros and information?

Make sure you are running uosteam as Admin. and also make sure to properly log out to save your client set-up

Also make sure when you have everything set up how you want. Log OUT (through your paperdoll, not by closing the window).
Then quit client through the button, not closing window.

Then reload.

A few UO Players have reported minor issues with Windows 10. Most have been easily overcome by running as administrator or my disabling the "Defender" anti-virus that comes standard in Windows 10

Windows Defender is included with Windows 10 and helps keep malware from infecting your PC, but can be annoying and block several UO Clients and Utilities like UO Razor and UO Steam

Right click on your UOS shortcut and select open file location then open profiles
Mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\UOS\Profiles

Profiles are stored in .xml's, find your macros between <macros> and </macros>