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Add Tiles to Multi Editor via UO Fiddler

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  • Add Tiles to Multi Editor via UO Fiddler

    Adding Tiles/Custom Tiles to Multi Editor via UO Fiddler

    Heres a brief tutorial on how to add any tile you want to the multi editor in UOFiddler by Apocalypse

    To add tiles into the Multi Editor tab in UOFiddler, you have to first enable the multi editor plug in inside UOFiddler (restart will be needed after you do this).
    Once that is done, all you have to do it in the "Items" tab (where all your tiles are located) right click on the tile you want to use and in the pop up menu, click "MultiEditor: Select Item".

    Once you have done that, go to the Multi Editor tab and click the "draw" icon ( if you haven't already it looks like a pencil" Then you should be able to start making multi files from your custom and or normal game tiles that arent in the menu of available tiles to use. Once you're done, save as any file you wish =)
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