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How to Change Language of your Client

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  • How to Change Language of your Client

    How to Change Language of your Client

    Here is a quick reference on how you can change your client language:

    If you'd rather play UO in English than in your native language, you may set UO to use English in your uo.cfg files. Please close UO before editing these files, or your changes may not be saved.

    Add the following line to your uo.cfg files; be sure to change the one in your main UO directory, and the one found in each character's Ultima Online\Desktop folder for which you prefer to use English language:


    Once you have added that line to the uo.cfg file, be sure to Save the file before closing it.

    Here are some other common language codes you can use:

    DEU (German)
    ESP (Spanish)
    FRA (French)
    CHT (Chinese)
    CHS (Non-Traditional Chinese)
    JPN (Japanese)
    KOR (Korean)
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