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HOW TO: Run UO on Ubuntu 9.04-up

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  • HOW TO: Run UO on Ubuntu 9.04-up

    HOW TO: Run UO on Ubuntu 9.04-up

    1. Get Wine Windows Compatibility Layer, either via System-Administration-Synaptic Package Manager or Add/Remove Programs (Ubuntu Software Center in 9.10)
    2. Once it has been successfully installed, install winetricks using the following command via terminal:
    3. When winetricks is saved, run the command "sh winetricks" in a terminal.
    4. A menu will come up with options to install.
    5. Choose the "dotnet20" (.NET 2.0) and fontfix.
    6. Follow the menu instructions.
    7. After both have been successfully installed, download the Razor installer and UO.
    8. Right click the installer and choose "Open With: Wine Windows Compatibility Layer".
    9. Install both programs using that technique. When this is done, patch up UO to the required patch.
    10. Run Razor, but most likely you will find the port box to be gray.
    11. DO NOT WORRY! There is a fix for this.
    12. Connect to an EA shard. You do not have to log in, or anything else. Just connect then exit.
    13. Run "wine regedit" in a terminal.
    14. Select HKEY-CURRENTUSER, then Software, then Razor.
    15. Double click on the "LastServer" file (this was created from connecting to an EA shard-thus making step 12 necessary). (The credit of this step is given 100% to Blacula)
    16. Change the value of it to whatever you wish.
    17. Run Razor, input the server settings, and voila!

    Additional Info: DO NOT TAMPER WITH ANY FILE AFTERWARDS!!! It is common to find UO crashing on 9.04. I got tired of this and tried fixes, but nothing worked, and UO wouldn't even work anymore. If you are running 9.04, either upgrade to 9.10 or stick with the crashing. It is only fixed in the 9.10 release of Wine.

    Hope this saves people days of effort trying to get UO to work.

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    If you have a problem for installing dotnet20 on Winetricks. the solution is to create the 2 registry keys. 1) open a console and type : wine reg add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\policy\v2.0 " and after wine reg add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework" /v InstallRoot This sould fix the problem

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