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Could the RunUO team make Sallos again?

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  • Could the RunUO team make Sallos again?

    I'm very sad that Sallos is not available anymore. It's truly the one and only client with such an awesome enhancement to the classic client. We really need a client like Sallos to come back and be compatible with .uop files and the latest version of ServUO. Create a website for it so we don't have to download it from other ultimaonline free servers and so we can donate. Have a good one runuo. Miss you Sallos.

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    I will take a look and see it this would be a good project. I personally have never used Sallos, so I would have to check it out
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      I did not think Sallos was working anymore? I will download it and take a look. We have 2 versions of it in our uo archives
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