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Custom Map issue - ]where reports Z is 0 everywhere on map?

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  • Custom Map issue - ]where reports Z is 0 everywhere on map?


    I've primarily been a POL user in the past and recently started assisting with a RunUO project, so I'm not overly familiar with RunUO but I've encountered a really weird issue that I cant figure out.

    We've been designing a custom map in Centred, no issues there but after I've copied the map and statics into the custom directory specified in datapath.cs and into the UO client folders, when logging into the game, no matter where you walk on the map, the Z is reported back as 0.

    If you ]set z 100 on yourself, ]where and ]props reports Z as 100
    If you walk up a mountain, stairs, teleport onto a high building etc, ]where and ]props will always show Z as 0.
    In Centred, Z is reported back correctly when you hover over land and tiles
    I even dropped the mul files into a POL server and ran the RealmGen process to get the map working in POL and when you log into that, the map Z is reported back correctly so I'm happy the muls are ok.

    I'm really stumped as to what is causing this or what I am missing.
    Is there some process that needs to be run within RunUO like POL's RealmGen?
    Are there some data-files created on 1st run of RunUO that cache the map and need to be refreshed/removed?

    I've had a look around but just cant find anything that would be causing this

    EDIT: Sorry forgot to post this:
    Server they're running is v 1.0.0 build 15004
    Client is (ML)
    Map is running at the new size supported by ML
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    I managed to figure it out.
    They've been editing map0.mul (Felucca) but the server has been creating new characters on Trammel (map1)

    Without map1.mul present and the entry in MapDefinitions.cs still as default (RegisterMap( 1, 1, 1, 7168, 4096, 0, "Trammel", MapRules.FeluccaRules ); ) it will default to z 0 everywhere

    Updated MapDefinitions.cs to read map 0 for Trammel:

    RegisterMap( 0, 0, 0, 7168, 4096, 0, "Felucca", MapRules.FeluccaRules );
    RegisterMap( 1, 0, 0, 7168, 4096, 0, "Trammel", MapRules.FeluccaRules );


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      Great ty for the update, glad you found the solution!
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