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    So I saw that Outlands server has the Buffbar working. I have been looking around. I am curious what does it take to get it to work with RUNUO. They said they are a RunUO server. Any help is appreciated.

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    I've never had to get mine working, it just works. that being said, there is a lot of places you would have to add code to get it working if yours was not. places like all the spells that use buffs, as well as playermobile.cs plus others. if I were you I would do a search in your server file folder for BuffInfo and BuffIcons to see if it pulls up any scripts that include these terms. there should be cs files related to these and using these terms. if you have these then something must be out of wack if its not working. also on the client we use in the character status window is a blue button to get the buff bar. im sure your aware of that part, but you never know.