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Can anyone help me?

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  • Can anyone help me?

    I have put my server back up after my VPN suffered a cryptovirus.

    There seems to be a few issues since doing that tho.

    1. Players are having issues with some houses. They can open the door and enter but fall through the floor. I have tried with my char and it does. I have tried teleporting to top floors and then moving and will fall to the floor. Some houses tho are perfect with no issues.
    2. I am having an issue with placing boats. When trying to place a boat it just says that it cannot be placed there. It is the same all over. I have teleported into the middle of the ocean to try it, and it is the same. I have tried placing a boat, setting me as owner then trying to get on with no success. Same as teleporting on and trying to get off.

    I would appreciate if someone would try logging on to my server to have a nose.

    Server port 2593

    I can give the visitor admin status.

    I thank you in advance.

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    What core are you using? What patch are you using?
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      Wow,, ermmm. I am not sure
      It was a working copy when it was on my old server.
      How can I find out?
      Is the core SVN? Thats the version I am using.


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        Look at the black console when you are compiling the server, it will say the version at the top of the screen. You also need the correct patch/version to match the core. This is most likely your issue. I imagine you are over-patching for the core that you are using
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          You also might look at this compatibility chart to determine what patch you need

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            It says if thats what I am looking at Version 2.2
            just checked the compatibilty and it says - 14-09-2011 - [] - RunUO 2.2 (=SVN 752)
            I am running uo version 7.0.3
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