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  • Runuo Tiledata Issue

    I am hoping someone can help. I am attempting to add some new statics and seem to have an issue with my client displaying them.

    To add my new images I used uofiddler 4.7 and did the following:
    Added a new bmp image to an unused graphic slot.
    Saved the art.mul and artdx.mul
    Moved these new art files into the fiddler directory and reloaded files.
    Selected tiledata tab and chose save on changes.
    Found the graphic I added and gave it a name + flag (impassable)
    I then saved again and output tiledata.mul.
    I merged the art.mul files back to uop.
    I put the new files - art.uop and tiledata.mul into my client folder.

    I have performed the following actions to install runuo:
    Installed fresh copy of uo - client version 7.0.45 is the one my shard uses.
    Installed fresh copy of uo steam
    Installed fresh copy of runuo 2.3
    Ensure datapath.cs is pointed to my client directory as per wiki instructions
    Lauch runuo 2.3 with no errors and build a new admin account.
    Launch uo steam with client options set to (auto detect) and ultima online set to (auto detect)
    Ip addess
    Port 2593
    Launch UO client and login using admin details.

    I can see the images of the items I added if I use [add item xxxxx but the tiledata flags I set do not appear. The item has no name and can be walked through. If I use [props on the item I CAN see the flags though.

    Really frustrating and I would appreciate any help that can be offered.

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    Your process seems solid, it has been about 8 years since I played around with the graphics...

    The only issue that jumps out at me immediately is the patch and client don't match up based on the use of mul files and uop files, I will try to explain what may be happening.

    RunUO originally used mul files and then changed to uop files around patch 7.0.20

    It looks like you attempted to convert the muls to uop and want to use a higher patch and a more current version of RunUO

    Did you set the flags before you used a conversion program? Check the flag settings?

    also it does matter which slots you use, some are made for specific items, some are for animations

    I also recall seeing several posts about the fiddler and pandora programs were old and do not work with the upper patches? so you might look into the updates people have made to allow the use of the uop files

    Those are my best guesses atm, ill try and look into this
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