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Unavoidable Crashing - is it the Client Version?

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  • Unavoidable Crashing - is it the Client Version?

    I finally got back around to trying this out - I got RunUO 2.3 and Nerun's distro - copied the two folders of scripts (and data) over the existing files.. set the folder for the client in the scripts/misc/datapaths.cs and ran it.

    Things seem fine, it lets me log in (razor) and use the Prem.Spawner (Apocalypse, Let there be Light, then the last spawn option to see if things are working)

    It spawns NPCs and some animals, but the moment I try to move the client crashes, without fail.

    I'm on the 2d client, ,, this is what it patches to when you install now, so it is what I'm stuck with.
    Is the client ver. the problem? Or am I missing something vital along the way?

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    Yes, try a client around the 7.0.15 range
    RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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      Take a look at this post, is shows the UO Client Compatibility for each version
      RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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        Same problem with crashing here too. Are there general rules when it comes to choosing which client to go with?


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          I don't see how I can patch the client to a particular older version.