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Client 4.0.4b2 - chasing tail 3 days

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  • Client 4.0.4b2 - chasing tail 3 days

    Hi there! I have been a lurker of RunUO for years. Trying to startup my own server now and have a few questions.

    First, what I have downloaded / working

    I have the new client from EA.
    I have a copy of client all patched up (the patch before Haven changes etc)
    5.0.9,1 Compiles with RunUO just fine using RunUO 2.0 rc1 and up.

    I also have client 4.0.4b2 - this is the one I cannot seem to use. It appears I have the patches I need (downloaded from gametec which is the same spot I got however when I launch razor it gives me a "cannot find fonts.mul" error and closes out.

    I have looked around on tons of forums, tried a ton of things. NOTHING is working.

    Do I need a client lower than 4.0.4b2?

    Do I simply copy and paste the files from 4.0.4b2 over my EA current install of 7.0xxx?

    I have the AOS original CD ISO downloaded. That said, I have not yet used a ISO tool on it - thinking I don't have to because it comes out looking the exact sane as the download I have..

    SO. *I know its recommended I use* for an aos server - that said - If I wanted to use my 4.0.4b2 is it possible? WHAT have I missed? I'm pulling my hair out at this point.
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    Take a look at the client chart on this post, it may help you pick the correct patch
    RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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      There is a lot of instructions and details in this section of the RunUO forums
      RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -