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Looking for help fixing Stat and HP Issue on RunUO Version

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  • Looking for help fixing Stat and HP Issue on RunUO Version

    Okay So I'm Running RunUO Version on a New Dell Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 with a Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz Processor and 16 Gig Ram

    Okay so here's the Issue I am having, when i first made the server i set the stat and skills cap in Char Creation but not to long after someone brought it to my attetechion that the caps didn't change like it should have. So i spent a few weeks to a month going through any script i could think of and looking on google for a way to fix it, while i was working on this issue someone let me know that for some reason HP wouldn't go over 175 no matter how much items with bonuses you had on. I kinda fixed the Stat and skill cap issue, i got it so when a new char is made the skill and stat cap i wanted will work but the issue im still currently having is that HP still wont raise over 175 and str,dex, and int wont go over 200 while wearing items with stat bonus, Stam and Mana are the only things that seem to raise as high as the items will allow them to go.

    My Goal is to get it so Players can take all Stats(Str,Dex, and Int) to 200 without any items but can't gain over 200 unless wearing an item with stat bonus, And Skill's i want players to be able to train up to 140 without items but will still need Power Scrolls to go over 100, i dont want the players to gain over 140 in a skill unless they have items on that give skill bonus.

    my skill cap edits are in CharCreation and my Stat Edit's Are in CharCreation and PlayerMobile, i will Post below what my Script Looks Like and what Code did not work and the code that did work.

    Ok the pic below is the Code that did not work for stat n skill cap
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    This Is the Code that i Found On This Website That I Used that Worked
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      And this is The Edit i Did in Player Mobile to Stats. Anyone got any ideas on how i can get it so my stats will go over 200 with items and HP will gain as high as items allow it to?
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        How to Change StatCap on your RunUO Shard

        In your RunUO folder, open the "Scripts" folder, go into "Misc" folder, find the "CharacterCreation.cs" file and open it... Look for:

        m.StatCap = 250;
        And change the "250" to whatever you want the statcap on your server to be, then save and restart server! =)
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