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  • help quest Twisted Weald

    Hello everyone .. I would have a problem with mushroom cave, I can not find the quester. does anyone know how I can do it spawns or find in the folder .. I am using a RunUO 2.0 final re-pack ... thanks .. sorry for bad English to use google translation services

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    Magic Mushroom Quest

    Quest giver: The Legendary Mycologist
    Starting Point: Mushroom Cave, Ilshenar
    Quest Reward: A Magic Mushroom
    Talk to the legendary Mycologist located in Mushroom Cave, Ilshenar. He will ask for mushroom spores and advise you that the last person to assist him advised that the spores can be found upon a fungus near the city of New Haven. Look for a ring of Mushrooms North of Haven.
    Slay the Fungus Eating Slime and retrieve the spores from it’s corpse. Return to mushroom cave and the mycologist, drop the spores on him and receive your reward.
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      no ... maybe I explained wrong ... I can not find the quester in my server ... that for the quest of dread horns in heartwood ... or rather on my server I have the Nerun's system but can not find the quester to go over the player in the mushroom cave ... how do i find the name of quester ?? because the classical name is not in the server .... yet there more ..............sorry again for the bad english but google translator is really bad to translate


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        Entering the dungeon requires that one either be on, or have completed, the Dread Horn quest from Lorekeeper Calendor, who is located in elfin City of Heartwood.
        UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"