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Why do players hoard?

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  • Why do players hoard?

    "Why do players hoard?" It is a difficult question to answer.

    *Decoration. People will line their houses with such things as helmets or cloth to make their space interesting and special.

    *Laziness. Why bother throwing things out if there is plenty of space and it doesn’t cost anything to warehouse?

    *Speculation. If players think that the price will go up on an item, they will hold it in hopes of selling it for more later.

    *Pack-rat syndrome. "I might need this someday."

    *Mementos. Objects can serve as reminders of old adventures. "Remember when I got that from the dragon during…"

    *Status symbols. Huge piles of wealth show how experienced the player is and can be used for bragging rights.

    *Achievement. Many games are filled with arbitrary goals, some players will create them even when they don’t exist. "I have a million gold, I win!"

    Quote from UO Designer Raph Koster:

    "Players are incurable hoarders, which means a large amount of resources in the game will just sit around in someone’s bank (or a shopkeep’s bloated inventory) rather than keep moving through the world, at least if there are insufficient drains or uses for the item."
    UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"