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Economics of PvP

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  • Economics of PvP

    Economics of PvP

    Characters can engage in combat with one another. These Player vs Player contests are one of the primary Ultima Online past-times. Although characters can be "killed" as a result of combat, this fate is more of an annoyance than it is to true death. When one’s character is killed, the character’s "ghost" can be resurrected and the game continues with a penalty of the loss of possessions.

    This loss of possessions is an excellent example of "Zero-sum Game" economics. During a Player vs Player confronatation you will have a winner and a loser, where the winner takes all and the loser is left with nothing but loss from the exchange.

    When the gains made by winners in an economic transaction equal the losses suffered by the losers, it is identified as a special case in GAME THEORY, and has a very strong influence on the Ultima Online economy.

    PvP plays several vital roles to the UO economy.

    1) The PvP players serve as "intelligent monsters" and guard the valuable loot in Felucca, which make items rare/scarce/valuable
    2) The PvP makes travel and resource gathering very dangerous, with the chance of economic loss
    3) PvP players generally do not produce goods, but they are wealthy buyers and distribute wealth to the poor

    PvP is a strange economic factor. A player killer is rewarded for killing another player and looting all of their items.

    PvP players, in general, are the apex predators and prey on the weaker players. They usually steal/loot items they need rather than work or produce goods
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