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  • How to Change UO Music

    How to customize your UO Music

    If you're tired of the music in Ultima Online, or just want to update to some modern music, you can easily swap out the files and have your own music on while you play.

    First We need to find the folder where UO keeps its music. The default path is:

    C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Ultima Online\Music\Digital

    If this isn't where you put it, use the Search program to find where the Ultima Online folder is, then proceed from there.

    OK, so you have found the music folder and music files, but how do we change them? This is quite simple. Go to the place where your music is stored, open a new window and find the music files you'd like to hear in-game. Let's say we want to change the music from the town of Moonglow to your music file.

    Step 1: Copy and paste the music files you want to hear into the Digital folder.

    Step 2: Find the Moonglow music file. Mine is "Moonglowpos"

    Step 3: Append a (1) to the Moonglow music file. Moonglowpos becomes Moonglowpos(1)

    Step 4: Rename your music file to Moonglowpos. Now, every time you step into Moonglow, you will hear your music instead of the Moonglow town anthem.


    Some places or actions have multiple music files attached to them. If you only replace one file, your music will only have a random chance of being played until the other music files have been replaced as well. For instance, when you go into War mode, UO has about 3 or 4 different songs (which I will post if asked) that all need to be changed.

    The music you want to use has to be in MP3 format

    You can replace music files with as many different combinations of music as you want. For example, If I wanted 3-4 different songs for War mode instead of just the Blood Rave from the first Blade movie, I could put in some Elton John or some other music in addition to the Blood Rave. Then I might hear Blood Rave or Elton John while I'm hitting things.

    Not all places or actions are their namesake. You will have to do some listening and comparing to locate the correct places to swap.

    I hope being able to listen to your own music will make your gaming experience better.

    Please post some music selections here on the forum

    I use a few great music files:

    Excaliber soundtrack
    Blade Soundtrack
    Rise of the Valkyrie
    300 soundtrack
    William Tell Overture
    Let the bodies hit the floor
    Mortal Combat soundtrack

    These are just a few fun selections, there are endless combinations to explore to help customize your gaming experience!

    Here is a fun website will all the old Ultima music:
    RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -

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    I collected and uploaded the entire MUSIC Library of Ultima Online in our RunUO download section
    RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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      Here is a funny collection of classic rock songs, made into Ultima Online Parody songs!
      RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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        Ultima Music
        RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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          DaeronModaen, Apr 19, 2018

          There is a few issues with adding new mp3s. One is mp3 formats. The client program seems to only recognize older mp3 formats. I discovered this while making custom music. At some point I upgraded my music maker to a newer one and uoclient stopped recognizing my music. Did a bunch of research and discover mp3 has a bunch of different formats. Some new and some old. I don't know which format uoclient recognizes but it was a total pain for my music project. Another issues is mp3 quality. To high of mp3 quality leads to the built in player messing up putting out garbled high pitched static and noise after a while. Using a really low grade mp3 solves this. I use acid pro 4.0 to render all my mp3s at 64kbps or 22050hz 16bit stereo. Rerendering mp3s can cause tone and tempo issues but acid pro lets you mess with that some too. Acid pro 4.0 is an old program and uses the old mp3 format. All the newer versions use newer mp3 formats. This is something that I wracked my brain on for several months when I had this issue so I hope this info is really helpful to you and anyone else who has these issues.
          RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -