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Back to UO and scripting! =]

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  • Back to UO and scripting! =]

    Hi there,

    I am not sure if this is in the right forum, so I apologize if it isn't.

    Please bear with me, this may be a bit for me to say.

    I should probably mention I am but a beginner when it comes to scripting, and I stopped scripting when I took a break from UO. I am definitely out of the loop.

    I have returned from about a 4-5 year break from UO and upon searching my old CPU's, I found the server files that a server owner sent to me when he quit running his server.
    Back then I dabbled enough in coding to develop a tame-able mob script from pieces of code that he liked and we used on there. I remember there was an update coming, to the RunUO core maybe? around that time or something and he didn't want to update all the scripts from the server. I am think back then we were running RUO 2.0? And maybe 2.2 was coming out?

    My question is, what in the "old" scripts needs to be changed to make all the scripts compatible with the new RunUO versions?

    Is it something relatively easy or does it require whole script rewrites?

    If anyone could share a link to the information, I will gladly read it there as well. I seem to be having difficulty finding mention of conversion.

    Lastly, I remember clients were restricted to use Could it be possible these scripts will only work with that client version or do they encompass all client versions? I have a fully patched client, and when I joined the server with the "old" scripts, my paperdoll was blacked out and I ended up getting kicked. I know it is possible I was auto kicked for not having the required client, but what would cause the black square over my paperdoll?

    I would like to learn how to correct/update these scripts to be used on newer RUO versions if possible. That is assuming that is the issue.

    Thank you!