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  • How to "Change" UO Music

    How to "Change" UO Music

    If you're tired of the music in Ultima Online, or just want to update to some modern music, you can easily swap out the files and have your own music on while you play.

    First We need to find the folder where UO keeps its music. The default path is:

    C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Ultima Online\Music\Digital

    If this isn't where you put it, use the Search program to find where the Ultima Online folder is, then proceed from there.

    OK, so you have found the music folder and music files, but how do we change them? This is quite simple. Go to the place where your music is stored, open a new window and find the music files you'd like to hear in-game. Let's say we want to change the music from the town of Moonglow to your music file.

    Step 1: Copy and paste the music files you want to hear into the Digital folder.

    Step 2: Find the Moonglow music file. Mine is "Moonglowpos"

    Step 3: Append a (1) to the Moonglow music file. Moonglowpos becomes Moonglowpos(1)

    Step 4: Rename your music file to Moonglowpos. Now, every time you step into Moonglow, you will hear your music instead of the Moonglow town anthem.


    Some places or actions have multiple music files attached to them. If you only replace one file, your music will only have a random chance of being played until the other music files have been replaced as well. For instance, when you go into War mode, UO has about 3 or 4 different songs (which I will post if asked) that all need to be changed.

    The music you want to use has to be in MP3 format

    You can replace music files with as many different combinations of music as you want. For example, If I wanted 3-4 different songs for War mode instead of just the Blood Rave from the first Blade movie, I could put in some Elton John or some other music in addition to the Blood Rave. Then I might hear Blood Rave or Elton John while I'm hitting things.

    Not all places or actions are their namesake. You will have to do some listening and comparing to locate the correct places to swap.

    I hope being able to listen to your own music will make your gaming experience better.

    Please post some music selections here on the forum

    I use a few great music files:

    Excaliber soundtrack
    Blade Soundtrack
    Rise of the Valkyrie
    300 soundtrack
    William Tell Overture
    Let the bodies hit the floor
    Mortal Combat soundtrack

    These are just a few fun selections, there are endless combinations to explore to help customize your gaming experience!

    Here is a fun website will all the old Ultima music:

    Original Post by Evolution
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    We uploaded a library of some of the classic music from Ultima Online

    RunUO Music Archives
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      The Ultima Digital Music Archive

      Ultima Online
      Music composed by:
      Kirk Winterrowd and Joe Basquez
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        Ultima Online Music and Soundtrack

        Ultima Online is a fantasy role-playing MMORPG and largely considered the first commercially successful game of its kind. Created by Richard "Lord British" Garriott, it set a standard for all subsequent games in the genre and continues to gather players seeking a sandbox MMORPG. The Ultima Online soundtrack was composed by Kirk Winterrowd. The Soundcloud embed features all of the BGMs, tracks, and music from the Ultima Online Soundtrack. The game is subscription based, and original launched on September 24, 1997...
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          Ultima Online Complete Soundtrack on YouTube

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            Auric's Moongates Ultima Music Library
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              by Dinaris Techarin

              Hello and Welcome! Ever since the release of Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, players have been enjoying the new MP3 music and the ability to use their own MP3s...

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                Here is a bit more information to this topic.

                You do not have to rename your music mp3's to the names of existing game music to hear your music. There is a text file in the digital folder that the client program uses to determine what music is played when the server tells it to play music. mine is called "Config.txt". make a back up copy of this file somewhere.

                then put all of the music you want to hear into the digital folder. make sure the names of your music do not include spaces or other characters.

                next open the config.txt file in the digital folder. you will see a list of number with corresponding music. some of the music will have a " ,loop " following it. this tells the client program to loop the song. which is kind of obvious.

                Now find the music you want to replace with yours in the config.txt file and change the name to reflect yours and add the ,loop if you want it to loop it. don't add the ,loop if you want it to only play through once and stop. war/peace mode switching will reactivate the clients music player or restart the song from the beginning.

                what I have discovered with creating my own custom music for the game is that not all mp3 files have the same format and the ultima client can only handle certain formats of mp3. new mp3 formats are not compatible with older clients. I use two programs when I make my music. I use acid music studio 10.0 to create my original track and render it into a mp3. then I use acid pro 4.0 which is a much older program to open my mp3 and re-render it into the older mp3 format.

                In short if you are adding music in any fashion being by changing the config.txt file or by changing the names of your music to match the names of the music you want replaced and the client program spits out static and screeching sounds then that means your mp3 format is not supported. sometimes the music will play for awhile before the clients music player essentially breaks down and spits the garbage out of your speakers. to fix this you just need to use a much older program to render your music files into useable mp3's which is easier said then done sometimes, but I personally believe that music can greatly effect the experience of game play.

                Hope someone finds this helpful or inspiring.


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                  Yes thank you for the updates, I did not know some of your new info!
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