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Adding a custom map with Dragon Tool

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  • Adding a custom map with Dragon Tool

    Adding a custom map you made! [RunUO]

    To begin, Dragon is the best tool (in my opinion) for map building! If you are have a custom map then you will need to go to your Ultima Online folder and copy these files:


    * The files above are for editting the Felucca map. Notice the '0' in each of the file names. It represents the map's designated number. Each map has a different number. For further information on editting Ilshenar, Malas, and Tokuno, check the Map Making Help forum.

    Okay, now that we have our files we will want to create a back up copy. What I do is make a folder called 'Ultima Online Backup Files' and paste the copied files in it. Make sure you put it somewhere safe! Once you have done this, create another set of the same files in a different directory (I just pasted mine onto the desktop for easy access.) Now, this part is important so listen up. Open Dragon and DragonSP and select the paths (read the Map Making Guide in the site's Guides section for more information.) You will want your paths to be set to the files we pasted on the desktop (you may have pasted them somewhere else, but that is fine.) Dragon and DragonSP will write onto the files now. Okay, now go to your RunUO folder. Let's add a folder and call it 'My Custom Map.' Go back to the files we wrote over with the Dragon programs (again, the files we placed on the desktop...) and copy and paste them into our 'My Custom Map' folder. We are nearly finished, so listen up! Go to your RunUO folder again, select Scripts, Misc, and the file called DataPath. Now, open up DataPath and verify your custom path:

    using System;
    using System.IO;
    using Microsoft.Win32;
    using Server;

    namespace Server.Misc
    public class DataPath
    /* If you have not installed Ultima Online,
    * or wish the server to use a seperate set of datafiles,
    * change the 'CustomPath' value, example:
    * private const string CustomPath = @"C:\Program Files\Ultima Online";
    private static string CustomPath = @"C:\Program Files\RunUO Software Team\RunUO 1.0 RC0\My Custom Map";

    Okay, now that we have our path set 'My Custom Map', we need to go back into the 'My Custom Map' folder and copy our files there. Then, go to the directory with your main UO files, the one you got your .mul files from! Paste the files we copied from 'My Custom Map' into the folder. Note - Doing this action will overwrite the files (which we have backed up) and add our custom files. When entered any other shard the map will be the one you created, but such is the way of the custom map. Now, the process if completed!... Run your server and log in!...

    If you have any questions or anything, just reply. I am new to this myself in a way and I just completed this process with success!

    Staff, experienced developers, and map builders --- please reply if any of my statements are wrong. I want this to be a correct tutorial on adding maps!

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