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  • GS AI Mod

    Version 0.02.02
    Here's my second version of my AI Mod files. (First was on Com) My development of this is ongoing, and is altered as I find problems or think of things to alter. This version was made with a fresh 2.6 + Nerun install, has all my edit tags in place, and lacks references to grossly mutant files, so it should be usable with minimal fuss. Make sure to back up the files you replace or adapt, though! Fixed a number of logic errors that were present in the previous version as well (Sometimes causing 'always succeed' or 'always fail' due to inverted logic checks). Animal AI has not yet been converted, and Paladin/Necro AI have been abandoned, in favor of new TrueMelee AI that is not ready either. (TrueMage AI can be used for necrowarriors and paladins, though). The TrueMage AI especially is quite large, and I don't know how much drag it might cause on a large server, so be warned that it may only be viable for a few types of monsters, like pack leaders and bosses.

    In a future version I may remove a great deal from the 'default' AI files, and instead move them to their own files so that the basic files would operate as per normal. I will likely make the 'bonus hitpoints' thing available to all creature types too, instead of having an IsHumanoid only +50 hp. I also need to think of a simple way of filtering calling to help down (Possibly using the OppositionType...hmm) Please tell any ideas for further development or errors you find.

    Note that many of the basecreature features are deactivated by default, and some spells and such may have extra pre-requisites (for example, consecrate/curse weapon require an actual weapon to be equipped)

    Base AI: Improved Waypoint handling, including fuzzy range detection, wait timers, direction facing instructions, recalling, etc.
    TrueMage AI: Includes my old 'melee range' mage AI and the additional true mage AI. Now uses rangefight to determine its 'outside' range target. Improved Combo spell selection, including necro combo spells.
    Melee AI: much smarter, reequips weapons, and mostly contained within BaseAI.
    Archer AI: again, much smarter, and equips weapons. No longer flees when disarmed, but instead closes to RangeFight. May also equip a melee weapon if it has the proper skill.

    BaseCreature stuff:
    Lots of scalars, hitpoints, mana, stamina, etc. so that you can better control their stats without using arbitrary stand-alone values. Includes a set of paragon values. Scalars are only used if the stand-alone value is absent.
    OppositionList: simplified and easier to control version of OppositionGroup in basecreature.cs; Creatures need only OppositionType set and the rest is taken care of in basecreature.cs (No having to list off every single creature in the opposition, it only checks OppositionType of the mobiles). Plus, more easily altered to have an oppositiontype see multiple other types as enemies. (make sure they're reciprocal, though!)
    CallHelp modules lets creatures call for help. Has decent checking and a commented template is added in basecreature so you know how to add creature speech to mobile files. Not perfected by any means, but shouldn't have mobiles attacking friends or helping those they consider an enemy.
    IsHumanoid property flag, lets creatures have player-like resisting spells base resists and +50 hitpoints. (Plus HasResistArmor property flag, allows the player-like resist spells resistance to include physical)
    IsFakePlayer property flag, causes a mobile to behave more like a 'blue player'.
    Dead pets don't reduce speed.
    Creatures reduce speed much differently. They only start slowing below 40% health, and then lose speed at a steady rate, increasing to +0.1 second at 20% and +0.2 second at ~0%. (In other words, even near-dead enemies who move at running speed will move half as fast at walking speed, and mounted speed enemies will move at one-third, between walking and running speed.
    Various AOE flags, including CanPBAOE (Wither and Holy Light) and full CanAOE (Earthquake, Chain Lightning, and Meteor Swarm).
    Added Guard fightmode, which attacks criminals (So long as they are not fellow same-team guards).
    Expanded Evil fightmode, making negative karma creatures attack non-negative karma creatures.
    IsHealer property flag so creature types can know to try to heal friends.

    these files have target classes that need to be made public (not included):
    these files have further alterations:
    spellhelper.cs        --        allowed monsters to always cast any spell, optimized a little in ValidIndirectTarget module
    paladinspell.cs        --        removed requirement for npcs to have tithing points
    basecreature.cs        --        Added OppositionList, CallHelp, Improved Waypoint support, numerous scalars and AI pointer flags
    waypoint.cs            --        added Improved Waypoint properties
    these files have monsters' aoe acquisition changed to target 'enemies' instead of 'valid indirect targets'.
    holylight.cs        --        reworked how targets are acquired
    wither.cs            --        reworked how targets are acquired
    meteorswarm.cs        --        reworked how targets are acquired
    chainlightning.cs    --        reworked how targets are acquired
    earthquake.cs        --        reworked how targets are acquired
    poisonstrike.cs        --        reworked how targets are acquired
    these spells were fixed/updated with public UnderEffect modules and automatic removal of BuffIcons in removal modules.
    Opposition List v1.00;
    Added Elemental Opposition List
    Added player pet in opposition list exemption property
    Stat Scalars & Bonuses v1.01;
    Added secondary stat bonuses and breath damage controls
    reacquire delay moved back to 9-11 seconds (instead of 5-6)
    fixed an issue that allowed creatures with no waypoint to chain recall
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