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Nice Little Script . . but I can't get it to work . . Help?

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  • Nice Little Script . . but I can't get it to work . . Help?

    SOLVED . . Thanks

    have been working on this script for over a week and finally I have to say . . it had me beat.

    The script compiled but it crashed the Server when I tried to use it.

    First . . a little about the script. This is an Addon script that includes:
    1) PetStablingPostAddon : BaseAddon
    2) PostPiece : AddonComponent (with OnDoubleClick that calls StableMyPetGump)
    3) StableMyPetGump : Gump (with Response Buttons that call PetStablingTarget or PetRetrievingTarget)

    In the Target sections (among other checks) I needed a check to assure the Player had not run off across the shard before using the targeting cursor. So I needed a Range check.

    So . . Finally I put a null check for the Post. With this in place I discovered that the Post was not being recognized so it was null. Now the script did not crash the server because the new null check triggered giving me the message I had embedded "The Post is null!".

    So . . the problem was . . the OnTarget did not see the PostPiece : AddonComponent.

    Fixing that solved my problem

    Thanks for looking at this for me.

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    Great, glad to see you got it working!
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