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Trying to edit crafting intensity

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  • Trying to edit crafting intensity

    I'm trying to edit the crafting properties for basic crafting and runic enhancements but I've got no idea which files or lines i should be working on? It also seems that my crafting is set for AoS (and i'm only assuming that because none of the shields i've crafted have had the AttackChance property. The servers Client is Patched to 7.0.52 I apologize for these newbie questions as I've been away from code of any sort really for almost 7yrs and my memory isn't as sharp as it once was

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    What core are you using?

    You might look at this Client Compatibility Chart to determine what patch is best for your AOS era:
    RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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      I apologize for being so vague but i'm not actually using runuo. I'm Using ServUOs Latest Publish which is 54 due to it being fully uptodate with OSI's current client. And i wanted to be able to offer some of the fresh OSI content to friends as well as family. But i'm having issues locating the correct file to edit to increase craftings overall intensity across the board. I'm not sure if i'm suppose to be editing the craftitem.cs, or runiccrafting etc. nor do i remember if i had to Edit the entire file or if it's only a few lines being added or edited. And according to what i've seen on my end it's essentially the same? but again i'm not really an expert. :s And I apologize if this post on the forum here is frowned upon .. Just feel as though i'm more likely to get help here than elsewhere.