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    [2.0] The Fair Elain Quest
    by Vhaerun, Jun 22, 2006

    The Fair Elain

    Simple drop into custom folder will start this rather lengthy but easy to complete quest.

    Features five NPCs (one non-invul), two new items, and two new weapons.

    Premise: Alecsander is courting Elain, and is wanting to get a love letter/poem from the famous poet Vacar James to win her affections. Vacar, though, has been commissioned by Erik Sullivan, a guard, to write a similar love letter for him to be given to Elain. A series of passing errands leads the player through a ranger and finally to an "evil" mage that isn't evil.

    In the end, the player has the choice of giving the love letter to either Erik or Alecsander, with each giving different items. Erik gives one of two new weapons (jagged katana and the mauler mace), while Alecsander gives over an "heirloom" that's been in his family for generations.

    Cloak of Invisibility: Will grant the wearer invisibility until he/she moves or attacks/casts a spell. I've toyed around with a way to keep the person invisible until the person attacks, casts a spell, or is "revealed" while they walk but have not been able to. Anyone that can figure that out will get props and thanks.

    Funky Mushroom: An interesting little item based off the statue stones found in the forums. It's a mushroom that, when doubleclicked, will change the user into the opposite gender. Male to female, female to male. There are also some sounds that are included (an eating sound, and the emote "oops!", correctly made to be the other gender from the character starts. Meaning, a male "eats" the mushroom, and a female voice says "oops!", and he is now a she). One has to get another mushroom to change back.

    The script should work straight with a drop and restart. If there are any problems, let me know. All the mobiles, items, and gumps are included.
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