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Changes to the way we accept donations and elevated memberships

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  • Changes to the way we accept donations and elevated memberships

    Today we will be making some changes to the way ServUO accepts donations. Up until now when someone has donated they have done so without any return other than the knowledge they are helping keep ServUO alive. Today that changes. We will be offering a few perks to those that decide to donate to the cause.

    Because everyone has different circumstances in their life and may not be able to donate a certain amount we will be offering three different tiers of donations for users to choose....

    Changes to the way we accept donations and elevated memberships


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    Kind of weird for ServUO to start begging for money like this, kinda sad really.


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      They're not begging for money. They simply just made an update to the donation system. While giving others benefits for those who donated.
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        I'm not really trying to start an argument here, but I was a part of that community and left due to the lack of leadership and the poor attitudes. It has been failing since it's inception. It's full of the old trolls. There are a few good people left at servuo, but with all the flaws in their code, the reverts, and the closing of their shard project just highlights this point. This latest attempt at a money grab just shows how little support they have. They can barely raise $10 per month at this point and in a current post dmurphy posted this on servuo:

        "I personally am $360 in the hole from the shard. Another reason it is not ideal for me right now to keep it up. There wasn't a donation in over 2 months"
        dmurphy, Jul 2, 2016

        I just logged on over there today and tried to download a file and got this message:

        "This is a premium script. If you would like access to this script you will need to be gold donator level or higher!"

        This will be the beginning of the end for them!
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          You are entitled to your opinion and do appreciate your position, BUT please don't post information that will lead to a rivalry or flaming posts between ServUO and RunUO. We are trying to make a nice community here with no trolling. RunUO is not making an new fork emulator like ServUO, we are merely rebuilding RunUO archives and libraries to keep the community alive for years to come. Everyone is welcome here to enjoy this community. If you have specific news or information about factual information, feel free to post
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