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  • Need help,Newbie Questions

    Hey y'alls,figured I'd finally register instead of tarrying away more of my soul seeking the "Perfect" answer/thread

    Maybe this is a played out topic,I was at least hoping to get pointed in the right direction before my eyes bleed any more haha. I've been wanting to play UO solo for a long time,and maybe even learn how to custom modify my own features,or just add others scripts etc.

    Also,please,if anyone decides to reply...don't mention about how "the point of the game is the community,social aspects,why would anyone want to play on lonely shard"
    I don't get how that is such a relevant and common reply. I'm not going to in-depth about my opinion of online gaming as a whole,I understand this generation is fascinated by it,clearly
    But,specifically UO in particular,and why i am willing to sacrifice a lot of time/energy into making what I want happen.

    I only played a year or so back in '99-'00,always had poor connection,so a bulk of my experience was not spent on the finer aspects of the game,but still I enjoyed the crafting stuff,as grindy as it made it more satisfying to gm smithing/tailoring etc

    In closing,a cpl quick examples of what I'd like...simple things like treasure hunting,crafting/looting for other characters,and ideas like,say,I'd create a castle...populate it with creatures that don't respawn,but as a 1 time "quest"...point is,Why wouldn't this be a neat single player game when you can modify damn near any/every aspect of only by your imagination?
    "Ohhh,with no story/narrative it's pointless,and no community driven economy..yada"
    Story? Go read a book. Watch a movie. Go play a DIFFERENT game,some of which going to cater to every minute tastebud of your being,but may be your neighbors definition of a videogame version of a wet-dream...

    OK. I'm done. Thanks for any helpful pointers on steps to making this happen, "Community"

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    If you are not a scripter, you might learn how to use XML Spawner. It is a great tool to modify items and monsters in game, without having to write a script
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