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How to make an Ultima Online Shard Patch

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  • How to make an Ultima Online Shard Patch

    Make your own Ultima Online Shard Patch

    Here you will find a "How To" guide about making automated Patches

    >>Mulpatcher - Autopatches

    If you open the .txt file within one of the patches, it uses simple two statements per line command:
    (HEX NR) (IMAGE)

    The HEX NR is the exact number you see in the Art(s)/Gump (noAnim) within Mulpatcher
    IMAGE is the name of the .bmp file provided for replacement

    Pretty simple. It takes the image and replaces the existing image on the HEX number

    So in order to make own patches, all you need is a .txt file with the HEX NR
    and IMAGE names and ofcourse the images itself, all put together in one folder.

    >>Getting HEX NR's and Images with UOFiddler

    For the purpose of Patching (because of its easyness) we used Mulpatcher. However to look for images and getting HEX NR's aswell as repalcement images, I use UOFiddler for the easy scrolling trough images.


    First thing after installation is you need to set your path's. Goto Settings -> Path Settings

    After this click on the "items" tab. The pictures should now load (if not check your paths).
    If you click one you should see on the right side some information.

    The "Graphic: HEX NR" is what we'r looking for. It's the very number we put on first place within the .txt

    To save an image, simply right click -> Export image -> As Bmp

    The name of the image can be changed. I use the original HEX numbers for easy refinding.
    You dont have to use any path's to the image if its stored within the same folder.

    >>Editing the .bmp files

    The .bmp files can be edited with any picture editor like Windows Paint / Photoshop etc.
    Just save the file as .bmp (Windows / 24bit / 32bit)

    Pure Black #000000 is used as Alpha (transparent)
    For Black use #000008
    Pure White # ffffff is used as Alpha (transparent)
    RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -