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    How to make a custom UO Patch for your RunUO - Ultima Online Shard

    So you have your shard built, your towns changed, or new hues added or both, but so far only you can see them, unless you send each player a copy of your files which can take a while and be a pain.

    So next comes making a patch that a player uses to log onto your shard for the first time. First you need to find a webhost that allows potentially large files to be hosted, and a large amount of bandwidth to be used. For the most part, you will have to pay for a host

    So you now have a web host, next what you need to do is find which files you need to get out to players, if you have changed your map (froze or unfroze areas) then depending on which facet they are on, you'll need all or some of these files:

    Tram/Fel Changes:

    Malas Changes:

    Ilshenar Changes:

    Tokuno Changes:

    Hue file:

    I suggest copying and pasting the files you need to get to other players into one folder temporarily, then once you have them all together, click on the Edit button on the top part of the folder, and click "Select all" then, right click on one of the highlighted files, and select "Add To Archive" to put them into RAR format. Name it something like "patch1.rar" or what not... Then you are ready to upload that rar'ed patch to your webhost.

    *** NOTE: There are other files needed for patches dealing w/artwork and gumps, but this is only meant to inform regarding patches for map and hue files. ***

    I hope this helps! =)
    RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -