How To Rip and Add New Images to an Ultima Online Shard (RunUO Emulator)
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How To Rip and Add New Images

Its going to happen at some point. Players will get bored with your regular items OSI style stuff etc. So how do you get new items in the game. Well first you must decide what you want to add and how it will work. For this example I'm just going to give you a general round about idea how to add a deco item.

Step 1 We want to add a pirate flag. Something simple and easy to add. So google or yahoo search or what ever your favorite search engine is and search pirate flag pics.

Step 2 Sort through the images. The image you want is one with little or no background.

Step 3 Ok you got your image. Now you need to open it with MS-Paint and remove any background or shadows added. Then its best to go around the image outside of it with a black line. Kinda outlines the image. An set the background to white.

What the heck our we doing:
What your doing is removing what would be white dots around the item when you patch it. Removing those dots can take a few hours to weeks and sometimes months of work ju to remove them all.

By creating a all white background. The game will not load it. It will only see the item its self. As well as the black outline will not be seen. The black outline also helps remove the white dots. An creates a cleaner image.

Step 4 Once you have your image ready you may patch it in. Now if you still have white dots after patching it. Repeat step 3 till its perfect.

Step 5 To patch a deco item that literally does nothing its very simple. Load Mul Patcher. Then load the Art and Tiledata.

Step 6 Once you have those loaded, search through tiledata and find a empty slot. Usually toward the bottom. Write down the number on notepad or somewhere you wont lose it.

Step 7 Take that number and go to art (s) then search for it. Once you find it in art (s) right click it and upload the bmp image

Step 8 Go to tiledata (s) again. Now you should see the image if you click it again. Use these settings. But apply common sense if they don't apply.

Name Pirate Flag
Check Wearable
Check A
Check An
Check Impassable

Use of Settings:
Name for obvious reasons. Just helps you find the item in mul patcher if you need to edit it later on. Height being set to 1 basically shows the item. Setting it to 0 would work but not suggested. You can later edit the height in your script. Quality to 1 I just make them one handed never know. Wearable once again you never know. Checking a and AN just works. Checking impassable. Well I don't think you want people to be able to walk through a object deco or not.

Step 9
After you have everything setup here its time to save your work. So now click the settings tab. Click save on the Art. Once you save both files. Click save on your tiledata.

Step 10
Next step you need to patch your self to the new patches if you have not already. I personally always patch my self to my test server then copy over the patched files to my client. So however you saved your patch files you need to copy those over to your clients files an overwrite the old ones

Step 11
This part honestly sucks but must be done. Type in the command [add item 0x(id number here) and add the new item. Look for spots and imperfections. If you have color distorted or missing. Chances are your hues.mul needs to be updated. I personally hate the testing steps cause I think I got everything an I miss one. An finding one dot can be frustrating. So take your time when in paint. The more time you spend there, the less time you have to spend re-patching it.

Step 12
Once you have the item corrected completely. You need to send it out to your players. I honestly suggest using mega uploader to upload the updated files. An let players patch there self. But you can use anything you want.

Step 13
Finally once you created the patch file for players. You need to make a script for players to purchase it or at lest get it on a drop. So ad the item to a monster or create a script for it. I use a few scripts I have pre-made as my bases. But you may use what ever you have. Just remember to change the base id to the new pirate flag or what ever you made. An change the items name.

When making deco items that just set there its best to create scripts that our extremely simple. Average lines around 50. Unless its going to do something special. Stick with the basics.