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Would someone offer Tutorial?

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  • Would someone offer Tutorial?

    I have been reading the tutorial on Intro to Mul files. I would like to try out some neat artwork I want to fiddle with to create new dungeons and world items to share with the community !
    But, alas there is only adding custom weapons and clothing tutorials. I have downloaded mulpatcher and can get Art.mul & Artidx.mul to load but from there Im lost. Im assuming the mul patcher is a tool to help merge the two files? Or am I way off?

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    Did you take a look at our graphics section and tutorials?
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      Yes, I have been following How to rip and add new images, I can complete step 9 where you save the image in both Art and Tile. I complete that and try to do step 10 but from there I cannot figure it out to work. If Im using my client files to load and save to shouldn't it overwrite old file when I save? I copied and pasted to my client file. Loaded shard and tried to add but it just keeps producing an unused tile. I see that it loads the picture when I go back to Mul.patcher but I think im missing something?