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Why is Ultima Online still the best MMORPG of all time?

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  • Why is Ultima Online still the best MMORPG of all time?

    Why is Ultima Online still the best MMORPG of all time?

    Ultima Online is that game that came before all other games, way back in 1997. It was the first computer game to catch the interest of the Dungeons & Dragons fan base and paved the way for all the other popular online games of today.

    So why would I promote such an old game when so many more advanced games have come out since then? Basically, because not only was UO the first MMO ever, it was and still is the best of all games at being a true sandbox style MMORPG.

    UO gives you the Freedom to do anything...

    Ultima Online gave you the freedom to do almost anything that you wanted to do without many restrictions, pure chaos! This feature is what is missing from most modern day mmorpgs.

    I was there from the beginning of Ultima Online...

    I've played Ultima Online since it's launch and will always make me a bit bias, but, over the years I have tried many other games such as Everquest, WoW, SWG, Eve Online, LoTR, and Runescape, but always seem to return to Ultima Online for the style of gameplay and the community that this game creates.

    I still Love the UO Graphics...

    I have always loved the graphics, but that was because back in 1997 this was state-of-the-art. When I first introduced my friends to UO they were a little disappointed and surprised by the isometric game perspective. Now they can't imagine playing it in any other form. Even though the graphics are very old school, I feel that the most important factor in a fun MMO is not the graphics or world theme, but the gameplay and community you play with. It doesn't really matter how awesome the game looks if the mechanics or community are lacking.

    UO is the only game that makes you risk it all...

    Ultima Online has a great balance between risk and reward, unlike many newer games. If you get killed in UO, you can lose almost everything you worked hard for! Only a small handful of items remain in your possession when you die, such as runebooks, spellbooks, and the clothing new players start with. Everything else can be taken from you by thieves or murderers.

    There is still no game like UO, that is capable of producing the rush of adrenaline that comes from taking risks and engaging in pvp combat with other players!

    No other MMORPG has ever matched the housing system in UO...

    Another amazing feature of UO was the housing. You can buy a standard house, like a keep or castle, or you can design your own custom house!

    Ultima Online makes time stand still...

    Ultima Online is a classic and will always bring back a bit of nostalgia for the old crowd that used to play Ultima I-IX boxed game series. I miss the good old days of rolling dice in the basement of my mother's house. If you ever played old school roleplay games, Ultima Online is the best alternative. For the younger generation, you will not find better gameplay in any current mmorpg

    Oh the memories...

    The sounds of UO are one of my favorite features, whether it be the mortar and pestle grinding of alchemy, the hammering of carpentry, or the music. Ah, the music! You can really feel a sense of immersion just from the serene music of the wilderness, the tense music of a dungeon, and the excitement of the battle music! Or perhaps the sudden gloom of being dead and a ghost, trying to find a healer, so you can get back to your body and possessions before they have decayed.

    The original Ultima Online has been neglected over the past 17 years and lost it's magic for me a few years back...the good news is UO is not dead!

    The Freeshard Community keeps UO alive...

    I currently play on UO free shards because it emulates the original game with modern custom scripts and enhancements. In other words, the free shards all have the best features of the original old school UO and none of the aforementioned negatives that you find in newer games.

    If you've played UO before and you want to experience it again, come join in the Ultima Online Free Shard Community! If you haven't played UO before, then you are in for a great new experience!

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