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What is Braving Britannia?

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  • What is Braving Britannia?

    What is Braving Britannia?

    Braving Britannia: Tales of Life, Love, and Adventure in Ultima Online is a 300+ page nonfiction book that attempts to answer the question, “What do you do in a game where you can do ANYTHING?”

    The book collects 35 interviews with players, volunteers, and UO’s developers over seven chapters, exploring how people lived both inside the fantasy world of Britannia and out.
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    Adam Ant
    Joined: Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:34 pm
    Here is the full list of personalities that contributed stories to the book:

    Alex “Kar Al’Drac” Zacherl (Drachenfels)
    Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong (UO Producer, Broadsword Online Games)
    Carolyn “Hugzug” Alexander (Siege Perilous)
    Chris “Faceless” Mayer (Lead programmer, Origin Systems)
    Christiane “Bishop” Loiseau (Origin)
    Diane “Counselor Tigger” Migliaccio (Great Lakes)
    Elizabeth “El of LA” Butler (Lake Austin)
    Gary “Blind Otto” Muston (Siege Perilous)
    Gordon “Tyrant” Walton (Executive Producer, Origin Systems)
    Greg “Braden” Fleeman (Lake Superior)
    James “T’berog” Carson (Catskills/Siege Perilous)
    John “Seer Flare” Albano (Catskills)
    John “Redrum” Dickson (Lake Superior)
    John “Dr. Pepper” Razimus (Beta tester)
    Karen “Kazola” Kazmierczak (Great Lakes)
    Kevin “Vincent” Leonard (Great Lakes)
    Luke “Adam Ant” Tomasello (Napa Valley)
    Marco “Sten Hunter/GM Spada” Sederquist (Lake Superior/Origin Systems)
    Meg “Elizabeth Tobias” Watt (Atlantic/Chesapeake/Lake Austin/Siege Perilous)
    Michael “Glendor” Pusateri (Sonoma/Siege Perilous)
    Pete “Sir Adrick” Warner (Live Designer, Origin Systems)
    Raph “Designer Dragon” Koster (Lead Designer, Origin Systems)
    Rich “Dupre” Vogel (Sr. Producer, Origin Systems)
    Rick “Stellerex” Hall (Producer, Origin Systems)
    Ryan “Evil M” Bruns (Hokuto)
    Ryan “Jackson” Ozubko (Hokuto)
    Samuel “Nieves” Nieves (Great Lakes)
    Scot “Seer Hearadh” Salmon (Sonoma)
    Sean “Dragons” Stalzer (Atlantic)
    Sebastian “Hagish” Dorda (Drachenfels)
    Shane “Abigor” McVey (UO: An Corp freeshard)
    Starr “Lord Blackthorn” Long (Co-creator/Director, Origin Systems)
    Thomas “Hanse” Eidson (Game Developer, Origin Systems)
    Thomas “Sir Thomas” Frevold (Baja)
    Valerie “Counselor Pann” Massey (Chesapeake)
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