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  • What is RunUO?

    What is RunUO?

    RunUO is unlike any alternative out there for a multitude of reasons. Most of the alternatives to RunUO refer to themselves as emulators but we consider RunUO to be a server software package. To us we do not emulate anything, we create a feature rich game server with an Ultima Online gaming layer applied to it. It is theoretically possible to do nearly anything you want with our server package because of its customization features. You will find a few different terms used when discussing our software.

    Many of our members refer to RunUO as having a core and scripts. The core is a open source application which reads in the scripts that tell us how to handle certain aspects of the game, such as the rules and game play. While our game instructions are called “scripts” they really are not scripts, they are composed of an actual programming language called C# (pronounced “see sharp”). Using a full blown programming language for our “scripts” gives us nearly limitless possibilities for RunUO.

    Developers ask why we chose to use the Microsoft .NET platform to create RunUO and the answer to this question is really simple. The .NET platform provides for rapid development while not sacrificing any speed/power. The only drawback was the inability to port the software over to other operating systems. However projects like MONO are working extremely hard to provide a very capable .NET framework for the alternative operating systems. The RunUO team knows that for a small minority of our users this is important but did not feel that it warranted the utilization of another language for our software.

    Where you go with RunUO really is up to you, we provide you all the tools you need to get started as well as a massive community in which you can quickly get nearly any and every question answered as quickly as possible. Please feel free to give RunUO a shot in your environment be it with just your friends or family or the next server out there with 1500 users online, we look forward to hearing about your success and or fun you’ve had with our software.
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    History of RunUO

    RunUO is a project to create and maintain a freely available Microsoft .NET based Ultima Online server. The goal of the RunUO Software Team is to provide software that is scalable and capable of recreating the EA Games Ultima Online server environment.

    RunUO is licensed under the GNU General Public License GNU General Public License (GPL), and is available for download from the website.

    RunUO started as a hobby. During the early part of 2002, "Krrios" began writing his own client for Ultima Online (a popular MMORPG). RunUO began as an aid in the client development process to simulate the actions of the Origin Systems shards. A few months later, Ryan, the project manager of RunUO, convinced "Krrios" to concentrate more on creating a new Ultima Online server emulator.

    Ryan already had experience in maintaining websites and communities from past emulation ventures. On September 25, 2002 the first release was made, RunUO Beta1. During its beta phases, RunUO was released as a closed-source project. Within nearly three years, and after 40 beta releases and many man hours, RunUO 1.0.0 was released on February 3, 2005. On June 15, 2006 a RunUO 2.0 release candidate was released, ushering in support for the latest game expansions and the new .NET 2.0 framework.

    The development cycles of RunUO have slowed since the release of RunUO 1.0.0. However, development has continued. Recently, the focus has been on scalability, rather than the implementation of game play features.

    On June 14, 2006 a public Subversion repository for RunUO was opened. This allows RunUO users to see the latest work being done on RunUO by the development team and submit their own patches to have features and fixes implemented in the main distribution.

    RunUO was developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the guidance of the RunUO Software Team. The RunUO Software Team consisted of Bryan "Zippy" Pass, Mark Sturgill, Andre "ASayre" Sayre, "Krrios", and Ryan McAdams.
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      RunUO History - Creating the first RunUO Shard

      By: Ryan

      I’ve always wanted to take the time to write a history of UOGamers to explain some of where we’ve been and how we got here. Mostly we got extremely lucky but there was an extreme determination and a lot of hard work which made this project a success. UOGamers began roughly ten years ago in early 1999. During those days there was no “easy” way to build an Ultima Online shard. In 1999 the only solid option for building an Ultima Online server was UOX (The Ultima Offline eXperiment). UOX was at best unstable and really never gained any traction until the years of “UOX3”. At that point I decided to start a centralized network for all things UOX and quickly built the UOX Development Network. This lead to a lot of popularity for UOGamers and we quickly built a playerbase of between 20 and 30 players which at the time was an amazing accomplishment. During this time there was no Razor or UOGateway it was all manual config file editing and typically resulted in people giving up very quickly when it came to connecting to a free server. I spent a few years in the UOX camp and quickly realized it just wasn’t going to go anywhere and we parted ways.

      Shortly thereafter in 2002 I met up with Krrios and together he and I built what would arguably become the largest Ultima Online program ever… RunUO. Zippy would join shortly after the inception of RunUO and the three of us quickly revisited the idea of UOGamers and we launched the RunUO Development Shard. The shard became hugely popular despite constant world resets, countless crashes and many insane players who’s sole point in life was to run off other players. We realized that with hundreds of players online we needed to give them a world where they could grow characters, those characters would be around forever and have their own stories.

      In the middle of the year of 2002 UOGamers: Hybrid was born. Hybrid was a labor of love for us and required countless hours of work. After spending thousands of man hours building RunUO we launched UOGamers: Hybrid to to pleasure of thousands of RunUO users. Shortly after the launch Mark joined the team and from that point forward the three of us grew Hybrid into the most popular Ultima Online “free” shard of all time. With well over two hundred thousand active accounts UOGamers: Hybrid quickly became a well recognized brand among Ultima Online players around the world.

      Many of our oldest veteran players will remember the ‘Great Wipe of 2003’ which probably serves as the worst day in the history of UOGamers. While I don’t recall all of the specifics times were very tough in 2003. I was headed to Iraq to serve with the United States Marines and the server was (at one point) being run out of the back room of a liquor store (this is no joke). During this time many people helped keep UOGamers alive and they are all owed a mention here. So to Chaos, Krrios, Alkiser, Zippy, Mark and the rest of you who are not directly named here that have worked on this shard over the years I say thank you for all of your help during a very tough time. I’ll never forget when I was given a chance to check email in Iraq the only thing I cared about was getting UOGamers moved out of the liquor store and back into a datacenter somewhere. I spent my computer time finding a hosting provider and then working with Alkiser and even my mother to get a server rented and the shard moved.

      Shortly after my return from Iraq we moved providers and went into a massive growth spurt. It was during this time that we really put RunUO (the software) through its paces. Krrios, Mark and Zippy spent countless hours digging through code, debug logs and optimizing every ounce of performance possible. After we were confident in the stability and scalability of RunUO we launched a massive stress test that beat all the odds. During our stress test we had over 9,000 users logged into UOGamers: Hybrid. We were still able to walk, talk and run around despite some small amounts of lag. The server held it’s own with over 9,000 users logged in. This will probably mark the greatest achievement of all time for UOGamers and RunUO.

      Hybrid has a history of pushing the envelope and has done so for many hosting providers around the United States. With Denial of Service attacks on the order of 15 Gigabits per second and hardware requirements that were just out of this world we constantly required more than most providers could offer. We’ve been through the thick and thin with our providers, our players and out staff but we know this shard would not be where it is today without the crazy combination of all the events which have transpired over the years. We’ve learned many things from our experiences, most important of which I think is we always come back to Ultima Online for one reason or another.
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        Ultima Online Emulator History


        1.) Jaegermeister (Denny Zuko?) creates the first version of UOX (Ultima Offline eXperiment)
        2.) Cironian creates UOX2, rewriting UOX from scratch
        3.) Fallo creates FUSE, a server expandable by user-made DLL-addons, such as CFuse, Thayland's DLL, and FuseX (by Craz).
        4.) Cironian redoes UOX2, and the first public UOX3 version (0.37) is released Oct 22. 1997.


        5.) A bunch of other UO servers that never really took off generally come to a halt when Cironian releases source for UOX3, including; New World Order, UOAWE - started Feb 9, 1998, by Gabriel, UOR, and An unnamed UO Server.
        6.) Menace creates Grayworld early in 1998. It eventually evolves into TUS (The Ultimate Server), which again evolves into Sphereserver around April 2000).
        7.) Sheppard creates UOOS - the first object oriented UO emu, or something.
        8.) Syzygy(?) creates POL in the summer of 1998.
        9.) What was later to become Hybrid was started sometime in 1998, around the time when the source for FUSE was released, and back then it went under the name Trespasser. Later it changed name to Hellfire, before being renamed as Hybrid.
        10.) Armageddon makes his own version of UOX3, named AUOX, causing the first "branching" of any UO emu to occur :P
        Some other people start working on another branch of UOX3, which they call "UOXGold".
        11.) SpaceDog continues Armageddon's AUOX through "AUOXCon"(tinued)


        12.) Lord Binary does his own version of UOX3, called UOX-pi - later to be merged into Wolfpack.
        13.) Ripper's customized UOX3 code grows into Wolfpack, while Chaos's customizations become Legions of Chaos
        14.) Sunshine, a derivate work of an early Wolfpack version, is started by M. Strobl sometime in 2000. In 2003, version 3 of Sunshine is reforked from Wolfpack, because of memory restraints/unreadable codebase in the original fork. The successor of Sunshine, Sushix, is never officially released.


        15.) Epsilon is started by Kair in May 2001
        16.) NOX-Wizard is created by xan using Wolfpack as base (25. June 2001)
        17.) Wolfpack development splits in three (see below) as some WP devs pack up and start Lonewolf on November 9th, 2001.
        18.) Shard Emulator, a Wolfpack v12.6 based emu, is started at the same time as Lonewolf.
        19.) As the main UOX3 codebase drops the trigger-system and goes to a javascripting engine, spearheaded by Matthew Randall (EviLDeD) and Daniel Stratton (Abaddon), Sargo decides to continue the trigger-based UOX3-source under the fitting UOX Classic-name, on Nov. 17, 2001.


        20.) UO-Inside Out, a Lonewolf derivate started by Skyfire?, releases it's first version in early January.
        21.) Method, a project derived from Lonewolf, is started by Melchir in early February 2002.
        22.) Atum, a russian developed UO Emu, has it's first release in February 2002. It's closed source, and has no released packages.
        23.) Version 0.1 of Tupi, a server written in Java, is released on the 4th of February 2002 by speka/dalzhim.
        24.) Revelation, based on NOX-Wizard, enters the scene, on Aug 21st, 2002.
        25.) Krrios reveals RunUO in early september 2002 - the first UO emu written in C#.
        26.) Shadowlord starts working on SteamEngine, an open-source UO emu mimicing Sphereserver's functionality, on Sept. 29th, 2002.


        27.) punt starts up UOX3 "Unofficial" on the first day of 2003, intending to rewrite the "JS"UOX3-version.
        28.) UOX:NG - derivate work of UOX-Classic, started with big-endian 64 bit machines in mind, by Generic Player
        29.) MyUO is created by Fabrizio Montesi, in October 2003.
        30.) Psychotropic - A successor project to Hybrid, is started in December 2003 by Ian McNealy


        31.) The initial revision of the source for AUOE (Advanced Ultima Online Emulator) is submitted to SourceForge on the 2nd of March, 2004, by f0xfire
        32.) Athena - started March 10, 2004 by Kair
        33.) Canera-Project - closed source project started 03-15-2004 by Sargo
        34.) equinox - spin-off from NoxWizard makes it appearance on SourceForge on the 19th of September 2004
        35.) Initial version of RunUO-RE (Russian Edition) is released to the public on New Year's Eve in 2004 by Wyatt, as a fork based off of 3rd party decompiled sources for the then closed-source RunUO, though it was later migrated over to the open-source version of RunUO. Eventually, from version 1.5.0 (with UO:SA support), it was renamed to RUOSI. Supports enhanced client and all expansions.


        36.) Max Kellermann forks SunUO from RunUO on February 5th, 2005. It runs on Mono 1.1 (Linux, FreeBSD) out of the box.
        37.) First release of Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy Server occurs on May 30th, 2005, by Maximilian Scherr (Max), though it had been under development on/off since summer 2002, and included a rewrite from scratch in 2003. It's intended for the Alpha version of the Ultima Online client.
        38.) Zagyg starts Werewolf - based on Lonewolf - on December 7th, 2005.


        39.) UO:98 is released on December 7th 2011, by Batlin. It is a port of the UO Demo server into a fully functional multiplayer UO server.


        40.) JUOServer makes its appearance on SourceForge on January 22nd 2012, as a Java-based Ultima Online server.
        41.) uoOS (uo Old School?), puts up the first public version of its source-code, which is a branch off of UOX3 0.9x
        42.) ForkUO is forked from RunUO at Google Code on September 5th 2012 and then later moved to Assembla. On March 19th 2013 the project was renamed to ServUO


        43.) ServUO March 19th 2013


        44.) JustUO, a fork of RunUO, is uploaded to github on October 17th, 2014, by Ravenwolfe
        RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -


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          A farewell from Ryan!

          For more than a decade and headed toward two decades I've spent my life providing Ultima Online Freeshard software to our community. It started way back in 1997 with the Ultima Offline eXperiment and it ends here in 2014 with RunUO. It's been a great run with some of the most amazing people and by far and away the *best* Ultima Online community you could ever find. Our community was always our greatest asset, they've provided countless hours of work and effort to keep this project going and without them we would have never made it past Beta 1.

          I want to send a special thank you to Krrios and Zippy for all of the hard work during the early days. Quite frankly between the three of us we launched this thing into the stratosphere and without their hard work it would have never been possible. Special thanks also goes to Mark who took the reins for many years here and kept the RunUO project moving forward. Another special thanks goes out to Eos and Suzy for maintaining Razor (now Razor @ UOGamers), you've been amazing to work with and I can't thank you enough for all you've done for the RunUO community in a time of need. To the many of you whom I call friends thank you all... to the moderators, the "special project" guys and those of you who put your heart and soul into RunUO I cannot thank you enough!

          I've had the recent pleasure of spending a lot of time involved in Shroud of the Avatar and I can tell you it's an amazing project. I'm also currently in the early stages of forming a local startup here in Cincinnati, OH with a couple of friends and looking at the possibility of doing an indie game utilizing the Unity engine. I know there are many talented people here in the RunUO community and if you're interested in indie game development feel free to drop me a line, we're always looking for good developers!

          I know over the years I've had the propensity to bloviate when it comes to community changes but this time, I'm keeping it short and sweet. There's not much to say really. I'll be keeping the forums up as an archive, there's a ton of valuable data there for the other variants of RunUO out there as well as the users who may need it when come upon it in a Google search or whatnot. The UOGamers shards will be staying online and will not be closed thanks in large part to Eos, our resident genius and Francis, our amazing admin at UOGamers.

          Thank you all, each and every one of you for everything you've done to make this community an wonderful place. I hope the many derivatives of RunUO can last as long as we did... just know it's a tough road and a long journey.

          Warm Regards,

          Ryan McAdams
          Founder - RunUO
          RunUO - Ultima Online Emulator -