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How to use the RunUO [freeze and [unfreeze commands

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  • How to use the RunUO [freeze and [unfreeze commands

    How to use the [freeze and [unfreeze commands

    Before I get started on the step by step stuff, here are a few things you need to understand:

    The purpose of the new [freeze and [unfreeze commands are to move items back and forth between the static files (in UO folder) and the worldfile (in RunUO saves/items) This is so you can delete unwanted static items and to freeze items to the static files. Having most of your items in the static files can greatly reduce lag and save times.

    Dynamic items are items that reside in the worldfile (in saves/items). You can have virtually any item in worldfile. The items that need to be in the worldfile and should never be frozen into statics are usable items such as doors, containers, spawners, moongates, forges, anvils, looms, spinning wheels, ovens, etc.

    Static items are items that are frozen into the staticsX.mul and staidxX.mul files. The only things that should be static are decorations, building parts such as walls, floors, roofs, etc. Basically anything that has no function other than to look pretty.

    It is highly recommended that you create a separate RunUO folder for the sole purpose of freezing and unfreezing stuff. The last thing you want to do is accidentally freeze all your spawners, doors, etc. If you insist on using your regular RunUO folder that you have been working on, NEVER use the [freezemap or [freezeworld commands!

    1. Download the latest version of RunUO; rename it something other than your normal RunUO folder and extract to wherever you want. Open up the Saves/Items folder and delete the contents. Also delete the contents in Saves/Mobiles.

    2. Create a folder called editedstatics (or whatever you want) in the UO folder (or wherever you want). Copy and paste the staticsX.mul and staidxX.mul (X = 0 for britannia, 2 for Illshenar, or 3 for Malas) from the Main UO folder to your editedstatics folder.

    3. Open up datapath.cs (in Scripts/Misc.) with a text editor and look for this line:

    [code:1]private static string CustomPath = null;[/code:1]

    Replace null with the path to your editedstatics folder. Should look something like this :

    [code:1]private static string CustomPath = @"E:\Ultima Online 2D\editedstatics";[/code:1]

    The reason you have to do this is you can't edit the same statics files the client is already using.

    4. Launch RunUO and the client. Now you are ready to start freezing and unfreezing. Here are the commands with descriptions :

    [freeze : will bring up a targeting cursor along with a message 'target the first location of the bounding box'. Click on the NW corner of the area you want to freeze items. You will get another message and targeting cursor. Click on the SE corner of the area you want to freeze items. You can also click on a single item twice if there is only one item you want to freeze.

    NOTE : The freeze command will only work on items that you add using the following command : [add static #####. Example : Use [add static 2902 instead of [add woodenchair. Will not recognize things that are added using a script.

    [freezemap : will freeze all the items in the current facet you are in (felucca, trammel, illshenar, or malas) This is a good command to use if you would rather refreeze all your items at once rather than using [freeze in a bunch of different places.

    [freezeworld : will freeze all the items in all facets

    After freezing, you will see all the items that you froze disappear. This is because the items were deleted from the worldfile and transferred to the statics files. You will need to close client (save first), copy the statics files from your editedstatics folder to your main UO folder, and then restart client to see the changes. It is not necessary to close and relaunch the RunUO dos window.

    [unfreeze : basically follow the same thing as in the [freeze command above. If you want to remove a particular item, just click on the same item twice, then do the [remove command and click on it. The item will still be there until you [save, close out client, copy the statics files from your editedstatics folder to you main UO folder, and start up client again.
    Again, it is not necessary to close and relaunch the RunUO dos window.

    [unfreezemap : (not recommended) will unfreeze all items in the facet you are currently in. Most likely will freeze up your computer or at least take a very long time (hours) till it finally finishes.

    [unfreezeworld : (not recommended) same as above except it does all facets.

    Hope this clears up some stuff. PM me if you see anything I need to change or add here or if you have further questions.
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    1. You will need three directories/folders:
    The first one is the one with your SERVER files (the ones that Datapath.cs points to)

    The second one is a BACKUP of the CLIENT files (clientfiles are the ones in your UO directory, the directory that was created when you installed UO).
    This directory you will never achually work with, only keep as an absolute backup.

    The last directory is the CLIENT files, these are the ones in your uo directory, usually: c:\program files\ea games\ultima online\

    2. When you unfreeze something and then wipe it, then save and shut down server the change is ONLY actually made in the SERVER directory.

    3. BUT - the client also need to have the same files as server has, else the client will think that britain bank (for example) is still there but when you try to enter the bank there is nothing there.

    4. SO - in order to actually see the change you copy ALL the files in the SERVER directory and paste them into your CLIENT directory.
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      Freeze/Unfreeze clarification

      1) copied all the important *mul etc files over to a new directory (c:\freeze)
      2) pointed datapath.cs to the new directory (c:\freeze)
      3) fired up the server
      4) fired up razor pointing to the original client location (c:\uo)
      5) froze about 30k items
      6) saved the world, shut down server
      7) copied the updated files from c:\freeze to c:\uo
      8) pointed datapath.cs to the original directory (c:\uo)
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