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Best UO Core to use to build a new shard?

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  • Best UO Core to use to build a new shard?

    Which emulator is the best for me to build a shard on. I see many different options and cores and was wondering how to decide what features I will need?Are all the cores stable, or is one better than another?

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    That is a bit hard to answer, it's like asking what is your favorite flavor of ice cream!

    You must decide what era your shard is going to emulate first. Make you you choose a fresh, stable RunUO core rather than an amateur version that a UO hobbyist has modified. If you want the latest version, go to the official RUNUO github repository and select the official 2.3 core. That was the last core that Mark Sturgill had released

    You can find old cores that were developed specifically for an earlier era, such as Pre T2A, T2A, UOR, ML, AOS, SA, HS or TOL which may make it easier for you to code and develop an era specific shard.

    There are many options, that are modified versions of RunUO. There have been several fork projects including JustUO and ServUO that are in various stages of development
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      I think I have decided to create a custom shard on 2.3 core with a mix of several eras. I need some advice on how to set up the economy. That seems to be the biggest issue on most of the shards that I have played. Why do some shard fail and some do so well? Any advise would be helpful.


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        Most of the popular ones, back in the day, shut down because of "Lack of interest in UO." So, I would advise having Staff that will play regularly is a must. Secondly, lack of special events will make the player feel bored, and doing the same event will be boring, so, change it up, to keep the player wanting to come back. And other failed attempt for all servers I've been on is the lack of interaction. What I mean, by that statement, is that talking to players in game or in forums to get feedback or simply to hang out with is a good idea, in my perspective. It lets the player know that your dedicated to the game, and you'll be there (most of the time).

        As for your economy problem, I can't really give suggestions, since all I do is fight monsters, and update my equipment.
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          Lady Athena, although I do agree you do need events and lots of staff interaction to keep players interested, but I would advise not to let your staff have a player account. In my experience that is the number one complaint from players is that staff plays and is corrupt. Even if it's not true, players will claim this and ruin the reputation of your shard. On UO Evolution we have a strict policy that staff cannot play, which is one of the reason we are successful.
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            Guest, I think you made a good choice by using the 2.3 core, that seems to be the last stable core that was updated by the original RunUO team.

            The easy part is putting up the shard, running it is very difficult. When I started UO Evolution I really did not have a lot of experience with running a live shard. I originally tried to run a standard t2a shard "out of the box" and was very sad to see it fade in the sea of 100 other shards, that were just like mine. I then decided to go custom and "remake" the game the way I has always envisioned it. That style was a lot like Dungeons & Dragons, which was more to my liking. I was able to add new/missing content, use all of the skills, create a real dynamic player economy and "evolve" the game to a new level. I took the focus off the PVP and developed a well-rounded mmorpg that appealed to everyone rather than the PK crowd most shards normally attract.

            I too liked the hardcore pvp back in the day, but there were a million players and no competition in the mmorpg game category. Now days the pvp and the negative aspect of player killers has driven away much of the player base, so I decided long ago, the game simply had to change or die off...

            I now have been running UO Evolution for 6 years and have learned exactly what most of the playerbase is looking for:

            1. New Content and Quests
            2. Live Events Daily
            3. No Lag, invest in speed
            4. Customer Service
            5. Professional Staff 24/7
            6. Manage the economly carefully

            That is the simple explanation of how to run a successful shard

            Now, running the economy is complex! It is good to have at least a college education level understanding of Economics 101. If not you should really understand the basic concepts of supply and demand

            The original developers really did not do a good job of designing the economy for Ultima Online. There is a lot of gold going into the game and not enough going out, which leads to inflation. At UO Evolution we devised hundreds of gold sinks to drain the gold off the shard.

            Here is a good article to read, ill try to dig up more and post

            UO Economy

            UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"



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              I have an imbuing system working on my server I think I found it here *will search* it works great for me. As far as the Daat99's OWL I have not installed it so idk and I have been rebuilding the ATS from the ground up so I don't have the old system installed either.