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    So I'm not really making a shard here but I need some help with some issues. I'm totally new to RunUO, scirpting C#, pretty much everything. Really what I'm doing is hosting a D&D campaign for me and my friends on our private forum. I've played UO for over 15 years and thought it would be a fun way to add some visuals to the campaign. I decided I would make a test shard and take screen shots "scenes" I've set up to help describe the scenario my friends will be facing in the D&D world.

    So with that long description here is what I really need help with. I would like to be able to keep the NPCs/Mobs I place from moving so I can take a screen shot of them. I use the admin command to freeze them but, when I log out and then log back into the test shard they are unfrozen and moving around the screen. I would like to be able to log in and set them up and come back and finish setting up the scene later if I have to. Is there a way to freeze them and it save them in the position i left them in? So when I log back into the test shard the NPCs/Mobs I've previously placed are still frozen in place so I dont have to start the process all over again? Also is there a way to turn the NPC/mobs so they are facing the way I want them to face?

    Like I said I'm a total noob to all this. All I've done for my UO experience is be a player never and admin so the commands are totally new to me.

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    Do you know how to use the property command [props

    Do you have xmlspawner on your shard? If so you can set the home range to zero and the npc with stay in one spot, you can also freeze him in a single direction. See
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