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    So I'm not really making a shard here but I need some help with some issues. I'm totally new to RunUO, scirpting C#, pretty much everything. Really what I'm doing is hosting a D&D campaign for me and my friends on our private forum. I've played UO for over 15 years and thought it would be a fun way to add some visuals to the campaign. I decided I would make a test shard and take screen shots "scenes" I've set up to help describe the scenario my friends will be facing in the D&D world.

    So with that long description here is what I really need help with. I would like to be able to keep the NPCs/Mobs I place from moving so I can take a screen shot of them. I use the admin command to freeze them but, when I log out and then log back into the test shard they are unfrozen and moving around the screen. I would like to be able to log in and set them up and come back and finish setting up the scene later if I have to. Is there a way to freeze them and it save them in the position i left them in? So when I log back into the test shard the NPCs/Mobs I've previously placed are still frozen in place so I dont have to start the process all over again? Also is there a way to turn the NPC/mobs so they are facing the way I want them to face?

    Like I said I'm a total noob to all this. All I've done for my UO experience is be a player never and admin so the commands are totally new to me.