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Old Tutorial Unfinished but USEFUL maybe?

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  • Old Tutorial Unfinished but USEFUL maybe?

    I found this little "Starter Tutorial" I wrote back in 2014. If you think you can use it somewhere on here feel free! I am going to be starting over AGAIN so I will likely be adding to this and making it more useful! The links likely need update, and I will actually flesh out things like adding Neruns, and editing some basic config's.
    Quick Guide Updated for 2014!

    This is my personal contribution to a community that has been here for me for a long long time. Many of the posts and associated links for a lot of the tutorials are out dated. Finding the needed information can be difficult. I hope to put everything you need to know to get started running your own shard right here at your fingertips. This will not be all encompassing or in depth. It will be simple, to the point and get you on the fast track to jumping in as your own admin on a running shard. Once there, you can then start searching the forums for all the tweaking advice you may need.

    First things first, You will need to make sure you have the following programs installed on your computer. Have them running, and verify the correct versions of each.

    1.) .NET Framework - Get version 4. You can either get it from windows update or direct from Microsoft's download page.

    2.) Ultima Online Client - This is the actual game itself. Grab the Classic Client directly from UO's website, install it, and let it patch all the way.

    3.)Razor 1.0.13 - You need this multi-purpose tool to log into your, or anyone else's shard. It is also a very useful tool once in-game to control macro's and several other easy-of-use options.

    ***Hold Up A Sec!***

    Now, at this point you are all set up to actually play UO on several free shards around the world. If you fire up Razor right now there should be several shards listed in the drop down menu for connections. You can try to connect to some of them. You may need to put "2593" as the port.

    ***Ok, Back To The Server***

    Now really only 2 more things to fire up your UO server. Lets create a folder on your desktop called "UO Downloads". Put your install files for the UO Client and Razor that you downloaded earlier in this folder. You will want to have these available in case you may need them if any of the sites go bye-bye, or for easy distribution to put on other pc's. You will also download the next 2 files and put these in that folder as well.

    1.)Download newest release package of RunUO from here. Grab 2.5.
    This is the actual Server/Shard that your world will be running on. Seriously, tip your hat to the guys who have put this together. Donate, send them flowers, or hunt them down and hug their dog. These guys have done a ridiculously awesome job putting this package together.

    2.)Download the newest version of Neruns World Spawner from here, grab RunUO-2.5 + Rev138.7z
    This is the only truly "must have" script there is. Everything else on these forums is preference. Honestly, I don't know why they just don't merge Nerun's into Runuo....

    Now currently, because to the way Neruns and Runuo or currently packaged, you will need to unzip them both into their own folders. Once done, copy all the files from the Neruns folder into the Runuo folder. When all of the pop-ups start, always choose merge if it is an option. If merge is not an option, then it is asking you if you want to copy over the current file or keep it. always choose the newest file. Once that is all done, you are ready to double click your RunUo EXE file. That starts your Shard running, and you now have a world!!

    Now there is a lot more you will need to do to actually start playing. I am going to list a few things here that you need to do. Some are self explanatory, some you will have to search these forums for to get further instructions. I just wanted to bring all the newest "usable" Links together.
    1.)In your scripts folder you will have to find the "dataPath.cs" file. Open it in Notpad++ and edit this section with your "exact" path to your Ultima Online Classic install.

    ***HOLD UP***
    Ok, I am getting tired here. Gonna post this puppy and come back to it later. I promise to add more, and I am quite sure others from the community will add some more. This has been done before, but like I said, a lot of that info is sorely out dated. I"LL BE BACK!!