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A complete newbie trying to reminisce Ultima online.

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  • A complete newbie trying to reminisce Ultima online.

    Hello and thank you for the forums.

    Was wondering if there is a possible way, to re-experience ultima online as it was during the year of 2000, right before the Power scrolls started to come out in the actual Origin server without any alterations or "tweaks" the free shards provide? I realized that the only way possible is to actually start a new shard to even experience such a gameplay, so does one also need to ask Origin for permission to run a server as well?

    Thank you all for your time regarding this question.

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    You can download the various versions of the RunUO software and create your own shard. You need some knowledge and tech ability to set this all up. There are many "how-to" guides on these forums and valuable information to help you set up that era.

    If you just want to play, you can visit several of the UO Toplists like and to select a shard that may already fit the era you want and have an established playerbase for you to join
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