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    UOGamers: Hybrid

    Welcome to UOGamers: Hybrid, an Ultima Online free shard offering you an experience like no other!

    UOGamers: Hybrid is set in what OSI players will remember as the Publish 15/16 era of Ultima Online. For Hybrid we went back to the basics of what made Ultima Online such an exciting game and added in some of the best ideas which came in later publishes as well as some of the standout items from earlier times in Ultima Online This blockbuster combination resulted in an unprecedented game play style providing any kind of player a home here.

    The overall goal for Hybrid is to create an environment that caters to every play style and allows even the casual gamer to enjoy Ultima Online the way it “used to be”. As a result you’ll find skill gain is much faster here than what you’re accustomed to on the original shards.

    PvP is balanced and standard gaming systems like Factions have been added.
    You will also find unique systems which add to our rich game play such as our Texas Hold’em Poker which allows you to play poker with your friends in Ultima Online, a complete dueling system with a ladder system that will allow you to compete against the best in the world for bragging rights!

    Combining world class programming with enterprise grade hardware we have created a shard like none other.
    UO Gamers: UO Hybrid