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  • UOGamers: Hybrid

    UOGamers: Hybrid

    Welcome to UOGamers: Hybrid, an Ultima Online free shard offering you an experience like no other!

    UOGamers: Hybrid is set in what OSI players will remember as the Publish 15/16 era of Ultima Online. For Hybrid we went back to the basics of what made Ultima Online such an exciting game and added in some of the best ideas which came in later publishes as well as some of the standout items from earlier times in Ultima Online This blockbuster combination resulted in an unprecedented game play style providing any kind of player a home here.

    The overall goal for Hybrid is to create an environment that caters to every play style and allows even the casual gamer to enjoy Ultima Online the way it “used to be”. As a result you’ll find skill gain is much faster here than what you’re accustomed to on the original shards.

    PvP is balanced and standard gaming systems like Factions have been added.
    You will also find unique systems which add to our rich game play such as our Texas Hold’em Poker which allows you to play poker with your friends in Ultima Online, a complete dueling system with a ladder system that will allow you to compete against the best in the world for bragging rights!

    Combining world class programming with enterprise grade hardware we have created a shard like none other.
    UO Gamers: UO Hybrid

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    Does anyone know the status of the original RunUO shards? The Hybrid and Demise official page is not loading. It looks like the websites are all down and say "website recovery in progress"


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      I have inquired several times to Ryan directly and through the websites, but have never received a response. I think the websites are down and were hosted by a fan after the initial crash of the original forums. The shards are still online, but looks like low populations and no support at the moment. Ill post any updates
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        I looked on Reddit and Facebook to see what was going on and here were the posts:

        Suzy Hybrid Administrator
        We, the Hybrid staff, have decided to open a new message board ourselves due to the long absence of the old forums and website. Unfortunately it seems that the old forums will not be coming back up. This means we've lost quite a bit of post history, but it also provides the opportunity for a fresh start. We will be looking at hosting a new main website soon too.

        Welcome to Hybrid's temporary forums! (self.UOGHybrid)
        submitted 8 months ago by StonedSith

        While the forums are being repaired, we felt we needed a place that we could all get together and chat. Here we will be posting events, updates, and news regarding Hybrid. Any posts related to Hybrid are welcome here.

        [–]Trayf 3 points 6 months ago
        RIP, Hybrid.

        [–]TitanIsBack 2 points 7 months ago
        Essentially, yeah. End of an era.

        [–]WarOWHS 2 points 6 months ago
        I've been attempting to get onto the main page for over a month now. The Twitter account still updates regarding server wars...a bot maybe?

        [–]stozzington 2 points 5 months ago
        Being an ex staff member on Hybrid.. I can safely say that there were a lot of private donations being given to the owner and not having what they paid for granted to them.
        One person donated 6K and got an un-finished private island.. and a dual pit which was not even built correct and never used. When the guy knew he more or less got scammed he tried to sell his items back and got permanent banned. The ownership and corruption that went on was disgusting to say the least.
        Hybrid has a bad reputation always with the likes or Mark and Lynn taking control in one era, to then other people who threw money into it and took control. This server was a joke with the staff corruption and blatent abuse of power.

        [–]TheTinzzman 4 points 7 months ago
        I think its finally about dead sadly

        [–]kanevast 1 point 7 months ago
        I searched but couldn't find any info online about them shutting down, so sad to hear it....played there for years, such a great server.

        [–]pendulumss 1 point 6 months ago
        can anyone summarize what happened? I took a break, and came back to nothingness

        UO:Hybrid, just came back (self.ultimaonline)
        submitted 2 years ago by theindigothief
        Anyone still play on Hybrid? God I missed that server....

        [–]DxMonkey 2 points 2 years ago
        I don't play hybrid anymore, mostly because it's ran by Ryan McAdams

        [–]TheRem 1 point 2 years ago
        Mark and his fat girl would run around in god mode and kill our whole group because they couldn't kill us fairly. This type of crap became more and more common. Ryan wasn't that active at the time, and Mark and his girl would start to grief us, wipe our corpses after they killed us.
        I would avoid this server at all costs, the admins think it is their playground and run around with scripted bots and grief their own community. Ryan isn't that bad of a guy, but if Mark is still around it isn't worth trying.

        Where did go? (Hybrid) (self.ultimaonline)
        submitted 5 months ago by kanevast
        I played it for years and then checked a few months back, nothing.
        I didn't really find anyone talking about it, no one announcing it would be going down, just...nothing.
        Anyone know the deal?

        [–]rleanor_eoosevelt 1 point 5 months ago
        UOG was neglected for years on end, and so everyone from UOG migrated to other shards

        Hybrid Break-up
        Romeo Tyrell, Aug 26, 2016.
        As the title states, I just left Hybrid, after playing there on and off for 5yrs. The server was pretty much dead, I mean, all of 3 active players
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          Both Hybrid and Demise are online and doing fine, relatively.

          Hybrid is way past it's prime, but there is still a decent core of hard core believer. I visit the shard once every other month, and I am surprised to see names that I recognize from before. It probably averages a daily count of 150-300 logged on users. It's new forums is here:

          Demise I would say is doing a good bit better. Although it has always had a lower player count than Hybrid, it has maintained itself much better. The logged on users average 400-600 daily, and the forums are very active:

          Hybrid is still maintained by Suzy, and Demise is maintained by Eos. I am not sure of the overall staff situation over at Hybrid, but Demise is relatively well staffed.


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            Great tyvm for the updates!
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              UO Hybrid is still down along with with really no information or updates as to the issue yet
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