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  • UOGamers: Demise!

    Welcome to UOGamers: Demise!

    The flagship development shard of the RunUO Software Team since '04. Come explore the endless possibilities from Doom to crafting to PvP to Peerless!

    Demise was designed around the idea of having a public shard to further the development of RunUO, in an effort to provide quicker, more stable releases to the public for use on other shards. Over the years Demise has built one of the strongest, most supportive gameplay communities and will quickly become the home of anyone who gives it a try!

    We're happy to see you here and look forward to many more years of Ultima Online with our community members!
    UO Gamers: UO Demise

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    What's going on with UOGamers, Demise and Hybrid?

    For everyone wondering what's going on with the website and forums, here's a quick summary of what happened in the past month:

    Around August 25, the web server (which also hosted and went down. We've had hiccups before, so we waited to see if it would come back up.

    After a few days, the website remained down. We contacted Ryan on August 28. We learned that the server hosting the websites had suffered from hardware failure. Ryan was working on it, but it wasn't an easy fix, and his IRL job was keeping him preoccupied.

    On September 8, we decided to send another email as we hadn't heard back since. Ryan clarified this time that it was the server hard drives that failed (multiple drives, including backup drives) and that they were at a recovery facility. In the meantime, temporary hosting would be arranged.

    Then, fast forward to now, September 29. We have again gone without any word since, and no temporary hosting was arranged. This has led us (the Demise in-game staff) to take matters into our own hands and set up a forum for the shard to use. This website and domain is our own, not affiliated with Ryan, which is why we're not on the old

    At this point, it's likely that the old forums are not easily recoverable (though officially Ryan has not confirmed this).

    Most old posts (like guides and stickies) are still available for viewing using the Wayback Machine: ... ories/124/
    UO Gamers: UO Demise


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      Looks like their website is down again, sad to see the end of this shard. I had years of fun there...


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        Demise is doing fine.