The Dark Tides is a custom maps and content runuo server that is newly open. So you will need our patch. We have Humans, Elves, and Gargoyles. Starting Skill Caps at 100(each skill) Stat Cap 250, Resistance Caps 70. We have a unique status system with nine status levels that allow players to raise skills, stats, and resistances beyond the initial caps. We have over a thousand custom items/artifacts. ACC Complete Spell System, which we've added a few spells too and planning a few other spell systems to add later. We have a few additional crafting systems, and resource gathering systems. We have more then a dozen dungeons and temples. Lots of quests and still adding more. We even have custom music made by me. 74 unique tracks. We also have our own custom holidays.

As we are newly open, we are still a bit of a ghost town, and have a very small staff. It is difficult for new players to get started, but if you explore and try things out, it is well worth the time. We are also looking to increase our staff size. So interested parties should check out our forum where you can find details about this.

While we are the new kids on the block and have our limitations, we are still growing, and working on our server. We have plenty of room for growth and new ideas.

We have a very low downtime. Server restarts at 12am US Central Standard Time, and on average it takes about 5mins or less. Updates to our server go in at this time on most cases.