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UO Evolution - Finally Enjoying the Game as a Player

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  • UO Evolution - Finally Enjoying the Game as a Player

    You may have seen me before, I ran shards such as UO Eclipse and UO Freedom (when it was good). I just wanted to put some word out about UO Evolution. I've been playing here for the last 90 days, and it's been great!

    Lots and lots of old UO Freedom and Eclipse players are here, so I was able to pick up pretty quickly with a guild and such. If you want to give it a try, hit me up! This shard seriously has something for everyone, professional staff too.

    Take care

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    UO Freedom Players!

    We have some exciting news for old UO Freedom shard supporters!

    DX Monkey, the old owner of the original UO Freedom shard has returned to Ultima Online
    and decided to play on the well-established UO Evolution Custom Shard

    DX Monkey wanted me to contact his playerbase and invite everyone from that community
    to join him and his guild on UO Evolution freeshard!

    There have been about a dozen players that have started this week, and to give you some
    extra incentive to log in, we will be giving players MAX Stats, and a fast start
    package to skip the grind.

    Feel free to contact DX Monkey in game or Admin Dante and page them with the message
    "freedom" to get your package

    How to Connect:
    Host Address: and the Port is 2593
    UO Evolution "The Game Has Evolved"