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  • Dawn of Ultima

    This has been completed and is now called Ultima Odyssey. You can get the entire package at this link...

    Ultima Odyssey - A complete multi-player adventure game.
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    Thank you for sharing this, I cant wait to dig in and play around! Was this all your work? Is this the first time this has been released? Was this ever released as an online shard to the public?
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      Originally posted by admin View Post
      Thank you for sharing this, I cant wait to dig in and play around! Was this all your work? Is this the first time this has been released? Was this ever released as an online shard to the public?
      I made it myself beginning in 2012. If was just a server for my personal friends and we played on it for years. One moved to a house with zero internet so I gave him a copy to play by himself. I just decided to give it to others since I don't really care what they do with it. We still enjoy playing on it and probably will later on tonight since I am at his house for a wedding tomorrow.


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        After a few beers this weekend, my friends told me of some flaws they ran into. Because of this, I will keep an accumulated patch updated whenever I fix something as I send them the patch anyway but then you don't need to download the entire thing all over again. The patch included in the main post fixes a few things:

        Gargoyle dungeon entrance fixed (client issue)
        Gnoll body value conflict fixed on equipped item
        Moongate in Ambrosia works again
        Tinker jewelry crafting modified and expanded

        So nothing major with this small patch, but I just wanted to make sure you all have the latest stuff we are playing.

        Whenever you apply a patch, you should log in with your admin account and do another [buildworld command just to refresh the world.


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          Update Released:

          Moonstones fixed to work in Ambrosia and Kuldar
          The quest to escape Kuldar has been fixed and tested
          Various cosmetic fixes to the world maps
          Tinker jewelry crafting modified and expanded again
          The artifact "Pandora's Box" has been fixed as Razor was opening it on map changes and thus losing charges
          "Potions of Rebirth" have added descriptions so players know how to use them better
          Harpy songs have had their effect time reduced as it was way too long


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            Update today, so make sure to read the readme and changelog as the readme wants you to move a folder and file around to help with future patches. The main package has been updated with all of the changes thus far.

            Fixed flax to have only one item id for better collecting
            Increased the amount of saved backups to 6
            Fixed a flaw in the Magic Trap spell triggering when traps are placed on the floor
            Fixed a particular issue of logging a character's actions when pets were involved
            Fixed the ranger map to add the newer dungeon locations
            Fixed spawners for special monsters
            Added bananas, coconuts, and dates to the types of fruit you can get from trees
            Pirate Isle is changed to a tropical island


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              There is another update patch released today that fixes/adds/tweaks a few things.

              More cosmetic map fixes, especially for the Serpent Island
              Fixed Meteor Swarm spell because it wasn't working
              Changed Meteor Swarm to drop meteors instead of shooting fireballs
              Fixed a couple of typos in speech and books
              Changed header in the construction contract gump
              Removed bogus entry in the custom artifact book
              Made constructed small forges animated with light
              Added new trap type that melts jewelry


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                I had to release this update sooner rather than later, because the house sign thing annoyed the hell out of me...

                Venom sacks are now stackable
                Add trash barrels to the wizards guild
                Replaced wooden thrones with better graphics
                Removed text about Trinsic, Vesper, and Magincia style chairs, since there is no such places during Ultima III
                Fixed a glitch with ocean creatures leaping too far onto shore
                Add necromancer signs to house sign options
                Fixed house signs facing proper direction when doors face the "east" instead of the normal "south"
                Add a black magic guild near the city of Lodoria

                If you haven't noticed already, there is a bunch of canned houses added to the menu of standard houses. This is mainly because I wanted more options and often lack the patience to build my own customized house. Players still have either options of a canned or customized house, but some of the new canned houses have doors facing the east where the housing system has doors facing the south. So although the houses would place fine, whenever you change the sign (after making it public) the sign would face the wrong way for these particular houses. So I had to put in a bit of code to make them face the right way when you change signs. This is a long story but they are fixed with this update.


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                  There was another update today, and the total package is up to date with this as well.

                  Skill caps should be ignored with magic item skill bonuses
                  Auto looting for gems now encompasses both gems and jewels
                  Some cosmetic land fixes to the Savaged Empire for better house building
                  Fixed a flaw in peacemaking that would cause a crash
                  Fixed animals tamers to sell land-specific animals


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                    There is another update patch released today that fixes/adds/tweaks a few things.

                    Magic scissors now work on certain leather clothing (cloaks, shoes, robes, etc.)
                    Fixed an item ID glitch with runebooks so they all have the new appearance now
                    Runebooks now are partial hue so the gold trim shows when dyed
                    Added a [corpseclear command so players can delete their own corpses off ship decks
                    Eating magic fish now satisfies hunger
                    You can now use the tillerman driving tool as a ghost
                    Sea creatures now surface near a ship and not on it
                    Cosmetic map/item tweaks and improvements


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                      Boats now are partial hue so they look much better when you dye their color
                      Added some new, unusual items to be discovered
                      More cosmetic map fixes
                      Changed seaweed item appearance to something smaller
                      Removed potion keg dye tubs since the potions in them override the color, making the dye tubs useless
                      NOTE: This update will warn you that this item will be deleted when you start your server
                      Fixed sapphire elemental's color and name
                      Bandages now default to white/no color, instead of the color cloth they may be cut from
                      Added more merchants to the Village of Whisper


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                        Fixed some magic talisman appearance ids set incorrectly
                        Fixed buy/sell gold discrepancies
                        Added alchemy tubs to clean bottles and jars
                        Fires of Hell has been tweaked to be more hellish
                        Fixed a bug when trying to steal dungeon containers
                        Altered lockpicking to be practiced from zero without training
                        Players now have a choice whether they want classic poisoning or the newer infectious weapons (see [helpme command)


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                          Changed crystalline jars to crystalline flasks, giving them a unique appearance from other jars
                          Changed the appearances of messages in a bottle so they don't look like ale bottles
                          Changed the design of the Mines of Morinia, giving it a distinct environment from other dungeons
                          Stealing now only requires your hands be free of weapons, but it does not apply to pugilist gloves
                          Standardized some food items (code) so (a very few) will be deleted upon server reboot to apply the changes
                          Waterskins now have 10 uses when filled, but dirty waterskins still have a single use until filled with fresh water
                          NOTE: Any currently filled waterskins will need to be refilled


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                            Last update for awhile as I am trying to "play" games...

                            Henchman now take crystals and jewelry as a cut of the loot
                            Wall torches (with dyeable flames) can now be made by tinkers
                            A potential bug fix for rare detect hidden scenario that freezes the server
                            The Ancient Pyramid and Hythloth have been decorated a bit more to give it an Egyptian feel
                            Waterskin fix when doing necrotic alchemy or herbalism
                            Fixed a couple of NPC/PC sound issues
                            More map cosmetic tweaks

                            ...the main (complete) package RAR file has also been updated to encompass everything thus far. The patch file just gets those with existing games up to date so you would just need that ZIP file.


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                              It has been awhile where I amassed too many updates to not do another release. Note that all of these changes have been tested with my player characters and I had no issues…but please reach out if you run into an issue so I can get them fixed ASAP. If you read anything from the changelog, I would highlight the following to pay extra attention to:

                              Some vampires have been redone to add more flavor
                              This will cause your server to error out and ask you to delete them so press "yes" twice
                              It will then crash the server and you will have to restart it and do it again for 3 times total
                              This will happen for Dracula, Vampire, and VampireLord
                              Special spawners are no longer needed so your server will ask to delete them all, so press "yes" for each

                              So just be warned that if you are updating your current server, you will be rebooting your server about 3 times to clear the older vampires out. Once those are cleared, the server will be all set to go after you log back in and do the [buildworld command.

                              Both the full package, and the smaller update package, are up to date with these changes.


                              The 'Help' menu on the paperdoll has been revamped to provide additional information and options
                              Almost all gumps have been redone to a common theme and provide consistency in appearance
                              --Gives graphical access to many of the features that this game has
                              --You can now make music playlists that the game will draw from when you change regions
                              --Added a quick bar option for common commands
                              Mortician/Healer added to the Black Magic Guild
                              Drunken Pirate added to the Thieves Guild
                              Fixed guards so they go back to their patrols after fights
                              Some monsters now talk during battles
                              Tailors can now make bags
                              Black pearls, spider silk, and granite graphics altered for easier in-game use
                              Carpenters can now identify and fix wooden weapons and armor
                              Blacksmiths no longer fix wooden weapons and armor
                              Fixed courier mail that was being sent by nobody
                              Some invulnerability potion exploits fixed
                              --Potions are meant for corpse retrieval and avoiding dangers
                              --So opening containers, doing certain skills, and dealing with townsfolk are not available in this state
                              --Neither is looking through corpses that do not belong to the one that is invulnerable
                              --You cannot use magic and you cannot close doors (but you can open them) to remove that element of griefing
                              --You cannot have your pet attack anyone while you are invulnerable
                              --You cannot use bandages in this state as well
                              Mapmaker pens, scribe pens, and blacksmith hammer graphics altered for easier in-game use
                              Randomly magical quivers are now added to the game
                              Fixed an error where magic instruments, dropped from monsters, weren't magical
                              Bone polish brushes added to the game and are sold by necromancers and witches
                              --Since there are so many bones and skulls one can find, you can use these brushes to polish them
                              --Polished bones and skulls are used when making bone armor now
                              Replaced the two introduction books' gumps in the Time Lord chamber
                              --This will notify you on server start that they need to be deleted
                              In game reagent counter bars now update when casting spells or doing alchemy-style crafting
                              Stargates have been removed
                              Potion bottles have been graphically updated for easier in-game use
                              --Now lesser, normal, and greater have slightly different width bottles to help visual identification
                              Spells that summon elementals, daemons, and undead last much longer
                              Souvenirs will now be given to the holder (but only one of each) of some quest items when completed
                              --(Candle of Love, Chaos Serpent Stone, and Orb of Logic...for example)
                              Undertakers can now venture and live on Dracula's island as necromancers and death knights
                              --Any pets or summons these characters have will not be attacked by undead island inhabitants
                              Town music has been randomized for more variety
                              MOTD has been fixed to use the "C:\Info" directory so delete the "C:\Data\Info" folder
                              --You may want to move your MOTD file first, before deleting the folder
                              Arms lore now gives a benefit to weapon damage
                              Fixed Halloween costumes due to wrong body values
                              Disguise kits and incognito spells now allow you to enter villages safely if you are a criminal
                              --Merchants still will not train or sell/buy from disguised criminals
                              --Committing criminal acts will ruin the disguise
                              --Disguise kits have only a single use and may be purchased normally from thieves and assassins
                              Camping tents now have a chance of setup failure due to failed skill checks, consuming uses
                              Shepherds spawn in some public areas, to more easily stable pets for logging out
                              Carpenters can now make kindling from logs
                              Batches of kindling can now be made instead of one at a time
                              Picked crops now go straight into your backpack, if there is room
                              Axes lose durability if you chop trees with them, but self repair axes may avoid the loss
                              Some vampires have been redone to add more flavor
                              --This will cause your server to error out and ask you to delete them so press "yes" twice
                              --It will then crash the server and you will have to restart it and do it again for 3 times total
                              --This will happen for Dracula, Vampire, and VampireLord
                              New Essence Orbs added
                              New alchemy potions added
                              --They don't work like traditional potions so alchemists sell books that describe them
                              --Meant to make the alchemist more of an adventuring class
                              New alchemy reagents added for the new potions
                              --Due to the extra reagents, reagent loot will generate based on character skill
                              --This more focuses found reagents toward a character's particular style
                              --So necromancers will find more necromancer reagents, as an example
                              --Automatic looting options have been added for the new reagents
                              Castle Dracula has been redone to incorporate a Transylvania-style town and a more gothic castle
                              --Castle is more like a megadungeon with mostly gothic themes and classic D&D layout
                              --Only necromancers, undertakers, and death knights can use most of the businesses in that village
                              Magery summon spells have a chance of stronger creatures based on evaluate intelligence
                              Coffins, caskets, and sarcophagi are new containers that can be found or crafted
                              Dead adventurers may be found when traveling the land
                              Derelict boats (not ships) may be found when traveling the high seas
                              Grave digging has a random chance of not only chests, but also coffins, caskets, or sarcophagi
                              Animate dead is more versatile and has consistent necrotic-themed summons
                              Some blacksmith errors fixed when finding forges
                              Magic scissors now alter leather caps into other hat appearances
                              Dwarven ore and elven wood added to the world for crafters with over 100 skill
                              You can no longer setup a tent while in combat
                              Special spawners are no longer needed so your server will ask to delete them all, so press "yes" for each
                              More cosmetic map tweaks