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    Another update today. This one is released so soon after the previous because I reconfigured the land regions so the load times for the server are now a few seconds and I wanted others to have this version so they can take advantage of it.

    The update before this one deleted the stargates from the world, but now this update deletes the scripts that handled stargates. So if you did not do the update on 2019-01-06, then log into your server and run the '[SGDelete' command to delete the current stargates. Save your server and shut it down, then you can do this update. You will need to delete your 'Info\SGData.xml' file. You may get server startup messages to delete the pieces of stargates, so do that when you see such messages on the console.

    If you did the update on 2019-01-06, then you only need to worry about the “Scripts” folder in the updated zip file. You can ignore the “Client” folder since I didn’t change it since the last update. There is also a “settings.cfg” file you will need to pay attention to, and that is explained in the README and CHANGELOG file.

    NOTE: When the server changes the armor and weapon colors to the new format (or even back to the classic) the server will take a bit to load as it is processing that. This only occurs when you decide to change the colors and does not do it every single time.

    I know this update is a tad clunkier than previous updates, but after this one the updates should be back to the simple “replace files” method. The main package is updated with this so if you are starting this server from scratch today, you won’t have to worry about these things. Here is an excerpt from the CHANGELOG:

    Reconfigured the regions for the entire land(s) which were causing the slow server load times
    The stargate system files have been completly removed now
    --If you did not do the update on 2019-01-06, then *DO NOT* do this update yet
    ----Instead, log into your server and run the '[SGDelete' command to delete the current stargates
    ----Save your server and shut it down, then you can do this update
    --Delete your 'Info\SGData.xml' file
    --You may get server startup messages to delete the pieces of stargates, so do that as well
    Fixed some music player issues where it would play the wrong category of music
    Some of the new gumps had buttons standardized with similar gumps for consistency
    --This is was really being consistent with OK and CANCEL buttons
    The amount of gold in your bank box will now appear on the 'INFO' window
    You can now have some customized server settings to help with future updates
    --Copy the 'settings.cfg' file to your 'C:\Info' directory
    --Only change the values to suit your needs in the 'settings.cfg' file
    Leather and metal colors have changed to add better looking items and shiny armor and weapons
    --Will globally update the current items to the newer colors
    --There are options in 'settings.cfg' to use the classic colors instead
    Staff of Five Parts will now remain with wielder after death
    You can carve corpse containers you find in the dungeons or wilderness
    The AFK option is now on the quick bar
    The server will now show a message on the console that players can login to show the server started
    Throwing weapon ammo will show a quantity in the quick bar
    Boats will default to a nice wood colored hue when purchased, instead of the ugly gray
    --Shipwrights sell paint stain so you can dye boats to the new default color
    Tracking gump updated to match the theme of the other new gump designs
    --Updated to encompass more creatures to search for and more granular searches
    --17 main categories to search for, with 15 sub-categories
    --16 results may come back instead of the previously maximum 12
    --Names of trackable creatures will have titles (if any) and a name hue based on notoriety
    There is now a wealth bar you can open by both the 'Help' section or a typed command
    --Shows the wealth in your bank box and backpack, each as separate values
    --Gives the gold value for your total gold, checks, silver, copper, xormite, crystals, and jewels
    --This will not search for such things you may have in your house, as it is too much to cycle through
    The paragon system exists, but it has been cosmetically described as 'cursed' creatures
    --The old lore I had for this is wiped out from the game
    --Since they only appear on the Serpent Island, new lore was written to incorporate Batlin and the Banes
    --Other than these flavor changes, they work just as before
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      Today's update...

      Fixed oak and golden oak colors as they were reversed
      Changed the new lizard leather color to a darker hue
      Herding now helps with more stable slots
      Fixed a bug when targeting non-bones with the polish brush
      Changed stable claim list gump to match the others in theme
      Fixed the spawners for the champions of the Time Lord trials
      Added a public basement option for servers, where you choose to enable them
      -- If enabled:
      -- Basement trapdoors would exist on shop floors like tailors, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc
      -- Players can buy basement trapdoors for their homes for easy access
      -- This is a public region so it is safe for players like banks, taverns, etc
      -- Provides a way for crafting players, in multiplayer environments, to meet with others
      Inscription now provides a bonus to item identification when identifying unknown scrolls
      Inscription now helps decode secret messages, where only intelligence mattered before
      The wealth bar now has a close option
      Wands should no longer fizzle
      Over 100 new shelves, armoires, and drawers added to carpentry
      Animal Lore gump now shows all the categories of food the target eats
      Removed the AnyGoliath monster so your server will ask to delete them so answer 'yes'
      -- You may get some bad spawns until you rebuild the world
      Creatures with lethal poison immunity have their immunity lowered to deadly
      Creature bard immunity no longer stops discordance
      -- Instead it gives a bonus to the creature from all bard songs
      Magic lanterns, candles, and torches no longer display Night Sight, but they still provide it
      -- Just seemed redundant to display the obvious
      7 new dungeons added to the game, and they are all in the Underworld
      Quest for the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom added
      Quest to become the Titan of Ether added
      Over 100 new types of dragons added, ranging from young to adult
      Over 100 new types of wyrms added
      A bunch of map tweaks and additions, especially due to the new dungeons
      New custom settings added, so if you are upgrading then add the extra lines to your settings.cfg
      -- A copy of mine is included in the update zip file so you can see/copy them