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Origen Ultima Online!!!Check our custom experience.

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  • Origen Ultima Online!!!Check our custom experience.

    Hello guys,im glad to announce Origen shard is up.
    Era: Mondains Legacy
    Host: Professional eropean host.
    Main webpage:

    1 account per IP,5 chars per account,1 house per account,700 skillcap,225 statcap.
    Your first character receives a free full lrc training armor deed,colored horse,x7 gm skillball,and tester shroud with +5 all resist!!!
    Raise your stats trying to drop statballs on our yung dungeon with entrance located inside of gate room.
    Information post on our forum:
    Facebook web page:
    Some features:
    Evolution dragons,and melee weapon/bow (all of these cant hurt players,so we have balanced world with standard pvp).
    Tubs,tubs everywhere!!!
    Custom and balanced items,wearables,weapons,jewels,armor sets...
    Invassion system,kill all monsters and random champion will appear in the city.
    Gate room.
    Lottery system.
    Colored mounts.
    And much more,visit our forums or facebook page!

    Thank you.

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