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UODreams Ultima Online Free Shard Since 2003

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  • UODreams Ultima Online Free Shard Since 2003

    Ultima Online Free Shard Since 2003

    Port: 2593

    UODreams is one of the first historical OSI Style Shard that was born in Italy, one of the
    best European shard of the 2003-2007 age's. The shard has always been up over the years and
    it has never been reset.
    It still has a good PVM experience and PVP dynamics with stable events created by the staff,
    monthly quest events and continuous development on expansion deployments.
    It offers many benefits to new accounts including the Quick Start System, a system that
    allows you to set up to 480 skill points and 90 stat point on all characther which added
    to the skill and stat point in the advanced player character creation reach 600 skill point
    and 180 stat point.
    New characters will also receive a bonded horse and a robe call "UODreams Quick Start Robe"
    lasting 30 days with the following features:

    Defense Chance Increase 10%
    Hit Chance Increase 10%
    Lower Reagent Cost 80%
    Physical Resist 50%
    Fire Resist 50%
    Cold Resist 50%
    Poison Resist 50%
    Energy Resist 50%

    Furthermore through our Young City Quest System, you can quickly upgrade skill (up to 100)
    and stat (up to cap) through quests that facilitate character growth.



    Dangerous Adventures is a long and difficult group quest that allows you to complete 7
    quest books, where objects, kill monsters and bosses are required.
    After completing the last book you will receive the key for a special boss who drops
    unique items of OSI events, and also via the original Champion Spawns you will be able
    to get a item with which, once the quest is over, you will have another access to the
    final boss and get one of these special rewards:

    Brutal Carnage Reward:

    Conjurer's Trinket
    Conjurer's Garb
    A Ghostly Shroud Of Spookiness
    Cloak Of Light
    Etoile Bleue
    Novo Bleue
    Exceptional Robe Crafted By Relvinian
    Conjurer's Grimoire
    Shadow Cloak Of Rejuvenation
    Cloak Of Humility
    Brutal Carnage Statuette


    The Shard bases a good amount of his game mainly on the dynamics of the Champion Spawn and the
    systems that revolve around it, such as the Champion Master, an event that allows the guild
    to get more points by delivering the champion skull to a special collector system to participate
    in a special dungeon with a party and through it to activate the defenses for aspecial champion
    that can be raided with drops of unique and rare OSI event items such as:

    From the Dungeon:

    Shroud Of Tal'Keesh
    Melissa's Cloak
    Bog Creature's Skin
    Defiler Of Virtue

    From the Champion Spawn:

    Bracers Of Alchemical Devastation (human or gargish original version)
    Scroll Of Valiant Commendation
    Boots Of Escaping (human or gargish version)


    Capture the Flag for the Factions with Rewards (Punkte, Quest Point, Restok Bag etc ...)
    achievable by Faction Ships every 30 hours, every kill of an Faction enemy within the
    Bucca Island lowers 10 hours time of a Reward.


    Lottery with the chance to win items wiped as artifacts, rare quest item,
    ethereal mounts and crafted items, each ticket costs 15,000 gold coin.


    Buyable by npc Banker in addition to the usual Vendor Contract, you will find
    the new "Montly Contract Of Employment" and Montly "Vendor Rendal Contract"
    at the cost of 30,000 Gold, that once placed will only require the pay
    of 30,000 Gold monthly, without daily fees.


    Full ML

    All Peerless
    Lost Land with four random daily Champion
    Full ML and Heartwood Quests
    Doom with Point System Drop

    Stygian Abyss Expansion (on development)

    Accurate Gargoyle Race dynamics, Throwing with Close Quarters Combat,
    Underthrown, Perfect, Overthrown and all the various dynamics of the race.




    -Stygian Dragon
    -Slasher Of Veils
    -Navrey Night Eyes
    -Tyball's Shadow


    -Stygian Dragon Lair Entrance
    -Crimson Veins
    -Abyssal Lair Entrance
    -The Cavern of the Discarded - Clan Chitter
    -The Cavern of the Discarded - Clan Scratch
    -The Cavern of the Discarded - Clan Ribbon
    -Skeletal Dragon
    -Enslaved Goblins
    -Lava Caldera
    -Fire Temple Ruins
    -The Secret Garden
    -The Lands of the Lich
    -Passage of Tears


    -All Gargish Weapons and wearable Armor
    -All Decorative Item and Gothic Theme Pack
    -Chicken Coop, Incubator and accurate Chicken Breeding System
    -New Weapon Properties: Hit Curse, Hit Fatigue and Hit Mana Drain on runic craft.


    -The Tomb of Kings Path
    -The Underworld path
    -Neville Brightwhistle
    -Elder Dugan the Prospector
    -Farmer Nash
    -Sutek The Mage
    -Gretchen The Alchemist


    -Experimental Room
    -Maze Of Death
    -Fountain Of Fortune


    All Stygian Abyss tameables and Dread War Horse


    Artifact Conversion


    -Rune Beetle Carapace
    -Heart Of The Lion
    -Crimson Cincture
    -Fey Leggings
    -Folded Steel Reading Glasses
    -Mace and Shield Reading Glasses
    -Wizard's Crystal Reading Glasses
    -Order Shield - Museum of Vesper Replica

    and much more under construction...
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    December 2017 EVENT:
    [Event] A Rudolph Letter

    Dear fellows, I hope you remember me, I'm Rudolph, one of Santa Claus'
    reindeers and I need your help. Something absurd happened to the Village...
    A few weeks ago, out of the blue, Santa began destroying everything,
    mistreating his friends, his assistants. Then, without notice nor explanation,
    he fled on his sleigh with the other reindeers.
    I tried to stop him, to speak and talk some sense into him, but it was all in vain
    and now I'm trapped inside a glacier. I'm too weak to fly,
    I can move and I see no escape!

    I keep fretting for an explanation, to know what evil could have happened
    that made him act like a madman.
    Anguish is taking over me, I feel the desperation in the other Reindeers,
    I feel like they're forced to act devilishly or perhaps, and that's what I fear the most,
    they're becoming evil for real!
    I think back on the earlier days in the Village, when we were happy and joyfully preparing
    for the Holiest of nights.
    I remember all the past Chrismases... and... maybe... there's only one fact different,
    a most unusual one, I recall nothing alike happening in the past...

    That cake... that huge cake...

    It was brought right before Santa went crazy. I didn't pay much attention, but now
    that I think about it, I recall I suddenly felt something odd.
    Everybody knows how greedy Claus is, anybody could have sent it from any place in the universe.
    Perhaps that cake contained more than just whipped cream and chocolate. A poison or drug, or a potion...
    It was vexed?! Was he the only one who ate it? Now that I think better... the cake was so big it could be
    a shelter for a cunning creature to step into the village...

    Many are the questions that torture me and many they answers I cannot seem to find.

    I beg of you, help me!!!


    This letter couldn't pass us by
    We warned every creature of Sosaria, several rumours began to spread,
    some without any basis... others difficult to verify.

    We must take in account every possibility!

    Let's meet in Luna, from the Winter Solstice at 9:30pm

    We'll set out on the most unusual Christmas Quest!

    We'll be waiting for you...

    Post Scriptum
    Post Scriptum
    Queen Zhah told us we have her unconditional support
    and I can reveal in advance that from 12am of December 24th
    a (slightly unusual) Santa Claus will be in the Party Area as always!

    [Event] The Abyss Journey - Another Way

    Not long ago
    we walked for the first time
    the land of the Underworld

    Our researchers are
    still engaged
    with the study of new ones
    areas and they have succeeded
    to finish their work

    You are all invited to go to the
    Royal Palace of Royal City

    On 28 December
    from 9:30 pm to 2:00 am on the 29th

    for a new and very important

    What would we have access to with recent discoveries?




    -Skeletal Dragon
    -Enslaved Goblins
    -Lava Caldera
    -Fire Temple Ruins
    -The Secret Garden
    -The Lands of the Lich
    -Passage of Tears
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