Elder Ultima

Shard IP: play.elderultima.com
port: 2593

This is a custom UO:R Era Shard with PvP & PvM, running on the 2D classic client,
but does accept newer client logins. We encourage RPG, but is at the players

Ultima Online Renaissance Era Freeshard

Ver 2.4.1 9264
Core 4.0.30319

UO Renaissance Era Shard
Professional Development
Adult Staff with years of experience
Custom and original UO:R content
Auto account creation

PVE: New areas to explore and creative environmental challenges
RPG: D&D design style, we encourage roleplay and events
PVP: Player vs Player configuration
Balanced PVP with original UO:R mechanics
Custom PVM, new monsters, new bosses

Kill tracking system, keeps score of pvp and monster stats
MYUO StatisticsLeveling System
Achievement system
Quest System

Automated PVP Pit
Dozens of PVP Challenge Arenas
PVP Tournaments and Ranking
Capture the Flag
King of the Hill

The most complete UOR era shard. About 7 years of construction